A Prohibition on game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening Online Gambling


I’m sure all of you are aware (you are aware aren’t you) that a bill recently passed the House of Representatives banning online gambling. Ok, well, it doesn’t actually ban all online gambling… Betting on horse, lotteries and fantasy sports is still Ok…

On July 11, 2006 the House passed HR4311 which provides a partial ban on online gambling. Exempted are horse betting, interstate lotteries and fantasy sports. The bill now moves on to the senate and if passed there will force banks to police electronic funding to prevent gambling funding and will force ISPs to block certain content, which is Ok because I wasn’t feeling close enough to big brother on year 6 of the Bush administration.

Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker are promoting membership in the game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening Player’s Alliance, a lobbying group to represent the interests of internet poker players. Howard Lederer recently joined their board, so they do have at least some thoughtful people behind them. Their t-shirts are fairly decent as well.

The big question on my mind with regard to this bill is “why is anyone behind it.” For the morally superior who believe that gambling is bad, this bill has gaping holes to allow various forms of internet gambling to continue and of course a ban on internet gambling won’t satisfy this bunch anyhow. Perhaps a ban on all gambling and sweet foods and women in bikinis and… well enough about the Middle East.

Personally I depend on internet poker for a portion of my income, but I also have the advantage of living in Southern California so I can go to the Commerce or Bicycle casinos (about 15 minutes away) and play live. A lot of people don’t have that option and I think this skill based game of poker which has analogs in just about everything in life is a boon that should be promoted by our country–not prohibited.

If you play poker on the internet and would like to continue doing so I recommend contacting your state senators and letting them know how you feel. There are resources for doing that on the Poker Players Alliance link above.


A few years ago I wrote an article on Low Limit Holdem called On Fish about reasons not to berate other players at the table. Since that time, with a lot more public exposure of professional poker players, a newer term is out, but the concept is the same: Don’t call people donkeys! In fact, just read the On Fish article and replace “fish” with “donkey”. Enough said about that.

The fastest improving cardroom right now has to be Full Tilt Poker. Even when they started they had a great interface, but now they’ve really taken it to a new level. Little touches like an “I’m Ready” button during tournament breaks/startups let you keep the action going if the other people at the table are ready instead of forcing everyone to stare at the screen for five minutes. Also, importantly, they now have a feature that autosaves hand history information to your hard drive for later analysis with programs like Poker Tracker. Finally the player population at Full Tilt is getting larger and larger thanks to their massive promotions online and on television. I’ve seen over 60,000 players online and right now, at midnight Eastern time, there are over 20,000 active players.

Low Limit Holdem is running a promotion during the month of August, 2006 giving away a lowlimitholdem.com Polo shirt to people who join Full Tilt and also a chance to win a Chipco poker chip set worth over $500. Information on that is here.

The other poker room that is giving Party Poker a run for its money is Poker Stars, perhaps from all the attention it gives from having back to back to back WSOP winners come from their site (and the current chipleader in the 2006 WSOP is also a Poker Stars player). I see 60,000+ users on both Poker Stars and Party Poker on a regular basis although I believe more of them are playing tournaments at Poker Stars than at Party.

The people on the Low Limit Poker Forum have created a series of weekly private tournaments at Full Tilt for fun. These are $5 + $0.50 events that are password protected (you can get the password on the Forum) and we’re keeping a leaderboard. The top three at the end of the year may get something from the site (who knows?) but mainly it’s just a chance to get together and play some poker. Feel free to join us!…

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Fabulous Vacation Getaways to Enjoy with Family


There is serious need to shift the focus from manmade themed parks to natural destinations for vacations. There are some incredibly fabulous vacation getaways that people can consider to visit with their families and enjoy the time together while being close to natural environment.

  1. Bali

Bali is adequately complimented by tourist facilities like restaurants and hotels. It also has national parks that can be visited by the entire family to learn about the regions flora and fauna while also having some fun. Bali Bird Park has hundreds of beautiful tropical bird species in rainforest topography and has different species of reptiles nearby. Extensive collection of beautiful and bizarre puppets and masks that are collected from all across Southeast Asia can be witnessed at Rumah Topeng & Wayang museum. Jenggala Keramik is a ceramic workshop where children can exhibit their creativity in pottery. These are some of the fabulous vacation options for the families planning to visit Bali.

Tempel Pura Ulun Danu, Bratan See, Bali, Indonesien

  1. Buenos Aires

This place provides fabulous vacation options such as staying at the luxurious Four Seasons or Vitrum Hotel, visiting the oldest subway in Beunos Aires or the Museum of Water & Sanitation or the retired ship Presidente Sarmiento and eating at Olsen or El Muelle.

  1. Cape Town

There are hosts of activities that can be done while in Cape Town. Cycling through the Promenade is a favourite among locals and is fun for all. Capetonians are said to love children and that is evident from the numerous children’s parks that can be found all across the area. It is a packaged place where there is no shortage of accommodation facilities either. Some of the best resorts and hotels are available in prime and suburban localities. Foodbarn and Solms Delta are two of the many eating hotspots in Cape Town.

  1. Florence

It is the place of fine arts, frescoes and gelato. Riding horses of la giostra by both elders and kids has continued for over a century. Benozzo Gozzoli’s Procession is lovable for children aged 5 or below. Besides, Boboli Gardens, Palazzo Vecchio, etc. are some popular and fabulous vacation getaways in Florence. Teatrodel Sale, Gelateria Santa Trinita, La Sorbetteria, etc. are some of the popular eateries while St. Regis and J.K. Palace among others are worth spending for accommodation.

  1. Kyoto

Karate, friendly ninjas and the deer valley characterise the trip to Kyoto. The Umekoji Steam Engine Museum is a place for people of all ages. Ladies would especially love and learn at Haru Cooking Class. There are numerous eating spots that serve both fine and fun food to meet both elders’ and children’s taste. Moritaya is famous for marbled Kyoto beef and Sukiyaki. Kyot Ramen Alley at the 10th floor of the Kyoto railway station complex is popular for an array of noodle shops. Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Kyoto and others in the class take care of the accommodation, which is often the primary concern of elders.

There are several other options which can be featured among fabulous vacation getaways from all corners of this world. These places not only provide spectacular views but can be best for relaxing for the travelers as well. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars, find a big collection of 2023 Nude Calendars here.…

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Chin Augmentation Treatment  Center


Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement is a safe, non-invasive alternative  to traditional chin enhancement

We inject fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane or Bellafill into precise areas of the chin in order to increase the length, width or projection of the chin.

Non Surgical Chin Enhancement is a outpatient office procedure that involves no anesthesia and very little pain, redness or downtime.

Most of our patients go to dinner that night

Dr. Doris’s non-surgical chin augmentation avoids many of the complications typically associated with traditional surgical chin enhancement.

Usually has two distinct purposes: to add definition to a small, weak jaw line through the use of dermal fillers or to feminize the appearance of the jaw line by reducing a broad face through the use of Botox.This procedure reduces the appearance of a wide jaw line by weakening the masseter/chewing muscles.

When talking about chin augmentation using dermal fillers, the aim is to give the patient a more clearly defined, stronger jaw line that will improve their appearance and profile.   At the Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation NYC Treatment Center in New York, NY our dermal filler treatments are very much tailored to the individual in order to give you an augmented chin that looks natural, appealing, and in harmony with the rest of your face.

We will always strive to give you a naturally fabulous end result that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel confident about your appearance.

The benefits of Dermal Filler treatments for Chin Augmentation Dermal fillers provide a safe, non-surgical method of correcting the volume lost through facial aging.

They can be used to restore facial balance, create symmetry and improve the definition of normal facial features, such as the chin and cheeks.

The  new injection technique is very comfortable – the fillers are slowly injected into the targeted areas around your jaw line – and the recovery period is minimal.

The results with dermal filler treatments for chin augmentation are immediate (although it may take three to four weeks for the swelling from the procedure to fully settle) and will typically last nine to  24 months. Surgical alternatives for chin augmentation include a chin implant, or bone, tissue or fat grafting. However, chin implants can be problematic because of the risk of infection or movement.

Types of Dermal Filler treatments At the Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation NYC, we use  Juvederm Ultra XC with numbering agent included, Voluma,Sculptra, Radiesse, and Restylane. These fillers are to restore lost facial volume, giving a fantastic natural end result. The gel in this dermal filler also biodegrades naturally and safely, with the results of each treatment typically lasting nine to 24 months.

Patients express a high level of satisfaction with each of these products

Robert Taylor “The Man with the Perfect Pro

Most Handsome Man  An exceptionally handsome man, but that does not explain his stardom. An analysis of his face yields the truth: the proportions of forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin are perfect individually and in ensemble. In addition, his coloring, especially the blue eyes which are striking beneath the dark hair

Chin augmentation – also referred to as chin enlargement – is an effective means to enhance facial definition and build a more exact profile. Chin Enhancement which uses fillers to change the underlying structure of the face, providing a better balance for the facial features. Often, these procedures may be combined with non-surgical rhinoplasty (fillers) which correct the shape of the nose to help balance the facial proportions.

The injectable fillers used in non-surgical chin enhancement are injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results last for one to two years. Because the material becomes part of your skin should change as your face changes over time and you always retain a natural look.

The Lower third of the face that defines your look : To learn more about your interest on “expert filler injector“, check here

A balanced facial profile requires a harmonious relationship between the forehead, nose, lips and chin. the facial features are affected by the aging face.

The harmony of the facial profile is determined in part by the size, shape, position and proportion of the chin with respect to the other facial elements. The facial profile has been divided into thirds, the lower third being determined by the size and shape of the chin.

Anatomic proportions have been studied since the Renaissance era as  illustrated by  Leonardo da Vinci.

It is also important to realize that what may have been considered ideal proportions now  can change over the years as you age  and certainly differs with race and culture.That is why a non- surgical chin augmentation is perfect because the proportions can be adjusted as you get older.

It is also extremely important to asses the nose, because balance between the chin and the nose, especially in the profile view, affects overall facial harmony. If there is a discrepancy between the accepted proportions between the chin and the nose, it is essential to figure out which of the two structures or if both structures contribute to the disharmony.

Each structure must be evaluated by its own and how they relate to each other.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The ideal nasal length is equal to 67% of the middle facial height and equal to the chin vertical measurement.

The most common is to increased facial nasal area by making it taller  electively to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face.

Ideally the upper lip should project 2 mm beyond the lower lip,  and the lower lip 2 mm over the chin.

The chin is an important element in the balance of the face

Its prominence should be analyzed in relation to the entire face, including nose, lips and neck. When examining the face in profile, the chin should be located at approximately the same level as the lower lip with a shallow cleft dividing both prominences.

No doubt chin augmentation which corrects the projection of the chin has been increasing in recent years not only in in United States if not worldwide. Last year alone this procedure rose 60% in the United States. It gives an extraordinary aesthetic results, improving the facial proportions.

Another option is Kybella which involves a series of injections that are FDA approved and extremely effective for patients who suffer from the common “double-chin” appearance. Moderate to severe fat under the chin, or submental fat, can be instantly reduced using this simple and minimally invasive procedure.

The drug used in Kybella injections is a synthetic version of your body’s own bio acid. By injecting it into the areas of fat in the chin and neck area, the fat cell membranes rupture and are permanently destroyed.

Depending on your specific situation and your personal goals, you may need repeated Kybella treatments for maximum results. Dr. Doris will be careful to recommend the most effective treatment  for each patient.

From our relaxing amenities to our comfort injection techniques, you can be confident that your double-chin treatment will be a positive and rewarding experience. In fact, patients will also benefit from minimal downtime after any of our double chin treatments.

To find out what the best option is in your case, contact us and talk to one of our helpful professionals, or make an appointment for a consultation.

We’ll be happy to help sort things out for you!

Achieving a more beautiful, toned and youthful face has never been so easy…

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Custom Choc Chips hit the sanghoki tables!


Specialty chocolatier, Images in Chocolate have released the first custom imprinted chocolate sanghoki chips.

Casinos, hotels, and Las Vegas trade show exhibitors among others, can increase their corporate brand awareness using these 1-1/2″ diameter, 100% Belgian chocolate promotional items.

“Until now, there have been generic chocolate casino chips in the market but never one that could be custom imprinted for promotional use,” said Tim Dugan, company CEO. “Not only can our new chocolate casino chips be custom branded, they are the first to use 100% Belgian chocolate and also feature a much more authentic casino chip design than available before.”

A popular method of customizing these chips is to use a corporate logo on one side and imprint a variety of dollar denomination on the second side, replicating an actual casino chip.

Im thinking a few of these for the regular home game could go down a treat! But then again I do have quite a sweet tooth.

NBA All Stars get their poker on.

With the NBA rolling into town for its annual All Star game, you just knew there would be plenty of poker action.

Trent Tucker was again one of the first to get involved, having already ran a successful charity poker event earlier in the year, in which Michael Jordan won.

This time around Hard Rock Casino was the location and a slew of basketball stars signed up to compete in the $10,000 buy-in Trent Tucker Hoopology pokerfest. The event attracted nearly 90 participants, created an estimated $900,000 prize pool benefiting the Trent Tucker Youth Program.

The contest carries forward a trend for celebrities to be involved in high profile poker tournaments to attract media attention.

With names like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, BJ Armstrong, and a slew of former NBA greats, including the host Trent Tucker himself, the event should attracted all the attention required as well as providing some great entertainment.

Many top poker players were involved, too including Patrik Antonius, Liz Lieu, Marcel Luske, Hoyt Corkins, Robert Williamson III, Gus Hansen, the 2006 Card Player Player of the Year, Michael Mizrachi as well as Industry VIPs including Bellagio’s poker room director Doug Dalton, Card Player Cruises’ Linda Johnson, and the World Poker Tour’s own Mike Sexton.

They played late into the night for the first-place prize of a one-year exclusive pass to the VIP Sterling Club and Spa. After a series of all-ins, Robert Williamson III, came out victorious.

Proceeds from the event will accrue to the Trent Tucker Non Profit Organisation.…

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How to Stay Healthy in Your Senior Years

Senior citizens face many challenges as they reach their golden years. Typically during this time in life, people have reached retirement and struggle to find ways to fill up their time. Their bodies move slower and they face challenges to remain active and social. Keeping healthy during the senior years can be a challenge, but it can also prove to be a way to get creative and to try new things.

Staying active is important to the health of any senior. If you are a senior citizen and have found yourself struggling to find ways to keep your health maintained, the old recommendations remain timeless and true today. The more active you are, the more your body will be stimulated and the more it will maintain a youthful energy. One of the biggest challenges to seniors to be active is finding activities which are enjoyable and stimulating as opposed to unrealistic and monotonous.

Stay Active

Bowling, dancing classes, golfing, walking, yoga, swimming, and tennis are great ways for seniors to spend their mornings or afternoons. These activities provide cardio workouts, in varying levels depending upon the activity, and promote healthy hearts and good blood circulation. In addition to these things mentioned, Pilates, hiking, low impact aerobics, and low speed canoeing also provide ways to be active which are fun and stimulating.

It is important to remember to switch up the activities you participate in so that your mind remains refreshed and refrains from growing bored at doing the same activity each week. Incorporating social activity such as volunteering and visiting friends also works to stimulate and support a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and calcium should be incorporated into each daily diet in order to provide the body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Eat Healthy

Combining activity and a balanced and low-fat diet with invigorating exercise are the best ways to ensure that your health will not only be maintained, but improved in the months and years to come. The more social seniors remain; statistics have proven the more active and healthier their bodies remain. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle when you reach the golden years may require creativity and a willingness to try new things and it often gets the senior out of his or her comfortable shell and into the world doing something new. This proves to be invigorating and refreshing and promotes a healthier mind and body.

Plan Your Future

Planning for the future is something that will benefit seniors. This can be done years before the retirement years approach. Retirement savings funds and senior health insurance are important things to consider when you are planning for your senior citizen years. It is necessary to know what your options are, how much money it will take to survive and thrive once you are retired, and what kind of health care you will have available. Many people have discovered that planning ahead and taking care of these things allows for more time for enjoyment and less stress once they reach their senior years.



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toto sgp Declares 15% Drop in Football Pools

The long-term viability of football pools in the UK was dealt another blow yesterday when Littlewoods Pools operator Sportech declared a 15% drop in revenues from the game.


In a trading statement ahead of its half year results, Liverpool-based Sportech said the fall in revenue from pools punters was bigger than expected.


Football pools has been in decline in the UK since the introduction of the National Lottery in 1994 and only two companies remain in the market – Sportech and Vernons,, which is also based in Liverpool.


Airline to offer gambling and gaming on board!


32Red, a UK toto sgp focused online casino operator, has floated on London Stock Exchange. Admission took place and dealings in the Ordinary Shares on AIM commenced at 8.00 a.m. on Friday the 23rd of September. On Admission the Company had 47,335,500 Ordinary Shares in issue and a market capitalization of around £60 million.


32Red had to shelve plans for a £25m fundraising drive after investor appetite for egaming stocks collapsed following the share price fall of PartyGaming.


But Ed Ware, chief executive of 32Red, commented he was not disappointed at the revised flotation plans.


“I’m quite happy with the situation, and when the market sentiment has turned around we may look at a fundraising from a much stronger position,” he said.


During the six months to 30 June 2005, 32Red generated revenues of around £4.2m and net profits of around £1m.


32Red plans to use its boost in public profile from the listing to launch an offline marketing program, and increase its international exposure.


Ware said he intended to keep focusing on the UK market, but would also increase marketing activities in Japan and throughout Scandinavia.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd Sponsors The World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise


(30 September 2005) Imagine combining the thrill of playing bingo for huge payouts, with a luxurious Caribbean holiday. If you are even slightly captivated by this attractive scenario, you will be knocked for six, to find out that it is going to be made a reality. Bingo Entertainment Ltd (www.bingoentertainment.com), operator of BINGOGALA™ (www.bingogala.com), BingoMEGA (www.bingomega.net), Premier Bingo (www.premierbingo.com) and many other online bingo games, will be the 2006 main sponsor of the hugely successful World Championship Bingo Tournament.


The Tournament will take place aboard a deluxe cruise ship which will take bingo players to the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean. The itinerary includes stops at three ports in Central America; Panama, Costa Rica and Belize and offers exclusive excursions in each city. Bingo voyagers will be treated to a unique and fun-packed experience which will create memories to last a lifetime.


The cruise ship is the magnificent Carnival Legend, one of the fastest cruise ships in the world. It will take its passengers on a terrific 8-day voyage making its first stop at Colon, Panama, the city near the entrance to the Panama Canal before reaching Limon, Costa Rica. Bingo players may choose to travel the Isthmian Railroad, the World’s first trans-continental railroad, or take a guided tour of the Gatun Locks, the 100 year old engineering marvel that raises huge ships 70 feet as they enter the Panama Canal.


The next stop is Limon, the gateway to the interior of Costa Rica with its lush jungles home to playful monkeys, crocodiles, countless lizards and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies. Popular side-trips will include several unique eco-tourism sightseeing tours, one of which will take you on an aerial tram through the canopy of Costa Rica’s Central Mountain rainforest in the Braulio Carrillo National Park.


Making a third stop, passengers will be taken on to breathtakingly beautiful Belize with its English-speaking, Creole-dominated inhabitants. Most visitors to Belize make it a point to visit one of the ancient Mayan ruins. Xunantunich (Stone Maiden), set on a levelled hilltop near the Belize River, is the archaeological pride of Belize and optional escorted tours arranged through Carnival Cruise Line are available to visit this impressive historic site.


Bingo players’ appetites will also be satisfied with a Bingo Entertainment Bingo Tournament, offering guaranteed cash and prizes worth $80,000.00 including a final blackout game that will pay $10,000.00! The popular “Symphony of Slots” and “Bugle Blackjack” Tournaments are also on the agenda, providing maximum fun and more chances to win!


On board, passengers can take advantage of the ship’s luxurious amenities, including a two-level promenade with shops, clubs and lounges, the Merlin Casino, the Legend Dance Club and the finest dining at sea, including a “reservation-only” supper club! At night, an entertaining show will be put on at the Follies Lounge.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd is very proud to be the main sponsor of this fantastic event and looks forward to creating special memories for participating bingo players. The cruise will essentially bring together a virtual and friendly bingo-playing community, making it possible for players to share their gaming interests, have fun and make new friends.


For more information about the World Championship Bingo Tournament and gaming cruise, players can visit the Bingo Entertainment website at www.bingoentertainment.com or email beatriz@bingoentertainment.com.




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Durrrr-Challenge Update: Durrrr-recoups some of his losses

Patrik and togel online put in a short session on the 13th that lasted around 60minutes. Over that short period they logged 310 hands and durrrr was able to book a much-needed win to compensate for some of the big losses he suffered in the May 4th session.


Patrik now holds the lead with $391,704 profit, however but it was Durrrr who walked away the winner in that session booking a $96,358 win.


In the first major hand of the session PA raised on the BU to $1200, Durrr 3bet to $3600 and PA 4bet to $6000. Durrr called to see a 2h8h5c flop. He check-raised PA’s $10000 cbet to $42,000 and PA shoved in the rest of his stack, Durrr quickly called off the remaining $23,199. The turn and river came 4s 9s and Durrr flipped Qc6cQh9h for an over pair, flush draw and inside straight draw, while PA had flopped 2 pair with 7c5s8sKc. The massive $142,397.50 pot was shipped to Patrik.


In the second major hand PA opened to $1200 on the BU and Durrr 3bet out of position to $3600. The flop came 6sJs7c and Durrr bet $4800. Patrik called and the flop came 9d, Durrr check called $14,400 this time and the river came Ks. Durrr bet $27,200 and PA made the call. Durrr turned over 3hTsAsAc for the nut flush and was awarded the $119,999.50 pot.


In another interesting hand Durrr opened on the BU for $1200 and Pa 3bet to $3600. Durrr called in position with 4d2d9sTs and the flop came 9c7h3s. PA bet $6000 into the $7200 pot and Durrr called with a pair and some backdoor draws. The turn came Qs giving Durrr a pair and a spade draw,  PA check called $15,600 and the river came 9d giving dawn trips. With the pot at 50k, Durrr put PA all in after he checked and PA called. PA mucked his likely overpair.


Challenge Status

Leader:    Patrik Antonius

Amount:    $391,704.00

Hands:    13,556 of 50,000

Days:    19


Pocketownage420 wins Full-Tilt-Poker FTOPS XII Main Event


The 12th FTOPS ended this weekend with the conclusion of the Main Event. The Main Event was a $500+35 NLHE tournament. There was a $2,500,000 guarantee and 4581 entrants.


The chip count on the final table was as follows:

Pocketownage420 – 6,355,367

azzabentonaces – 5,587,683

-NinG- – 4,796,044

nickeltwenty –3,860,832

oiltrader – 3,823,366

iDubDeuce – 2,670,082

baDONKaD0NK88 – 2,468,496

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – 2,453,887

RonFezBuddy – 2,341,743


Oiltrader was the first to bust at the 40,000/80,000 blind level. Nickeltwenty raised to 240,000 from middle position. Oiltrader 3bet to 800,000 in the CO and azzabentonaces cold 4bet to 3,010,000 on the button. Nickeltwenty wisely folded and oiltrader went all in for 4,843,366. A call from azzabentonaces revealed KK, and oiltrader’s AK was in pretty bad shape. The board bricked and oiltrader fell in ninth place for $32,500.


Eliminated in 8th was baDONKaD0NK88, at 50,000/100,000 level. He limped AA in middle position and was looking for someone to try to steal the pot or raise it up with something legitimate. BaDONKaD0NK88 obliged when he raised from the SB, moving all in for 1,578,496 with 66. Azzabentonaces called and took down the pot after the board ran out 7d4d5s7hKc; a pretty big sweat on that flop. For eighth place, baDONKaDONK88 earned $43,750.


RonFezBuddy headed out shortly after in 7th when he shoved over a CO raise from azzabentonaces with TT. Azzabentonaces called with AQhh, flipaments! The board ran out 7s8h9h5h8d as azzabentonaces made the ace-high flush, eliminating RonFezBuddy in 7th place for $57,500.


At the 60,000/120,000 level, Julian “Hartwith” Adamson raised to 270,000 in the HJ. It folded to -NinG- in the big blind, who shoved for 2,107,088. Adamson called with AA,  and -NinG- needed to catch up as a 4:1 dog with 99. He bricked and was out in sixth place for $75,000.


Nickeltwenty busted soon after in the same level. In the small blind with AQo and looking at three limpers in front of him, nickeltwenty shoved all in for 2,621,945. Chip leader azzabentonaces was the lone caller, tabling a dominating AKo. The board fell Ad7d3sTcJs and nickeltwenty left in fifth place, collecting a cool $100,000.


Julian “Hartwith” Adamson wa snect out. He shoved for 1,963,667 with A3o, but was called by iDubDeuce  AKo. The board brought no help for Adamson, and he was sent to the rail for $132,500.


Three levels later iDubDeuce was busto in third place at 120,000/240,000. On the button, iDubDeuce called and azzabentonaces raised to 960,000 from the SB. iDubDeuce called and the flop came JsAc2c. Azzabentonaces bet 960,000 and iDubDeuce called. The turn came Kc and azzabentonaces fired a second barrel of 4,170,000. IDubDeuce shoved all in for 10,608,856 and azzabentonaces called with As4c, trailing iDubDeuce’s KJo for two pair. The river was a cruel 3c and that gave the pot to azzabentonaces with a flush. The third-place finish earned iDubDeuce $170,000.


Azzabentonaces began heads-up play with a massive 5:1 chip lead. But two double-ups by Pocketownage420 turned the tables, putting him in the chip lead. The tournament came to an end at the 140,000/280,000 blind level. Pocketownage420 opened to 700,000 on the button and azzabentonaces pushed shoved it all in for 7,828,420 with 77. Pocketownage420 called with AJo and won the race by making a Broadway straight. Azzabentonaces earned $262,500 for 2nd place and the winner of the FTOPS XII Main Event was Pocketownage420 for a massive $432,400!!


Final Results:

  1. Pocketownage420 – $432,400
  2. azzabentonaces – $262,500
  3. iDubDeuce – $170,000
  4. Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – $132,500
  5. nickeltwenty – $100,000
  6. -NinG- – $75,000
  7. RonFezBuddy – $57,500
  8. baDONKaD0NK88 – $43,750
  9. oiltrader – $32,500



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Poker World Record

A Vermont man has set a new world record for the most amount of time spent playing poker in one sitting.

Larry Olmsted spent three days at a casino poker table in Foxwoods in Connecticut to capture the 72-hour record. It needs to be certified by Guinness to become official.

He started with $100 in poker chips and worked it up to nearly $1,000. He gave most of it away in tips to casino staff. He says at one point he was too tired to read the numbers on the cards, but he managed to play on. Olmsted says he was in it for the glory.

Olmsted was allowed 15-minute breaks every eight hours, which he used to change clothes and brush his teeth.

Four months ago, Olmsted set an obscure world record for traveling the farthest distance to play golf. He played a round in Australia, then flew nearly 75-hundred miles to play a round in California.

UK Gambling Market in Shock

The UK government has announced that fruit slot machines are to be banned from about 6,000 take-away shops, mini-cab bitcoin dice offices and other unlicensed premises where children might gather, prompting a drop in the share values of publicly traded UK gambling companies.

In addition to the ban on fruit machines, small casinos will not be allowed to run bingo games and there will be a £1,250 cap on slot machine prizes in “regional” gambling centres. All casinos will be required to set aside “chill-out” non-gambling rooms.


Tessa Jowell, the Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, said: “We propose giving adults additional choice where we can also protect children and vulnerable players.”


As part of plans to “modernise” gambling laws, ministers intend to allow Las Vegas-style resort casinos, the biggest of which will have slot machines offering unlimited cash prizes.


Legislation expected next year will mark the biggest overhaul of the law since casino restrictions were introduced in 1968.


Gambling company shares dropped in value after the government announced tougher controls aimed at protecting youngsters and vulnerable gamblers.


John Kelly, chairman of the privately owned Gala casinos group, which owns 30 small casinos, said he was dismayed by the proposals, which would give overseas companies added advantages. He went on to say that the government was misguided.


Investors were also disappointed by the details, which were contained in the Government’s response to the cross-party Joint Scrutiny Committee report on the draft Gambling Bill. Stanley Leisure fell 30.5 to 446p, William Hill dropped 17 to 520p and rival Rank, which runs 34 Grosvenor casinos and the Mecca Bingo halls, tumbled 18.75 to 285.5p.


Mandalay-MGM Mirage Deal Closes


According to a report by the BBC, MGM Mirage’s $7.9bn (£4.4bn) bid for rival casino firm Mandalay Resort has been accepted, paving the way for the creation of a new dominant operator


The new company would own 28 casinos in Nevada, Mississippi, Michigan and Illinois, and half the Borgata hotel-casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


It would also control 50% of the Las Vegas Strip hotel market, and a third of the gambling capital’s casinos.


The new group is expected to clock up revenues of $6bn a year.


But first the deal between will need to be approved by the US Federal Trade Commission as well as by gambling regulators in all the states in which the two companies operate.


Analysts expect they will get it without having to make many concessions.


The deal is set to be the biggest yet between two gambling companies.


The last record was set in 2000 when Kirk Kerkorian paid $4.4bn for Steve Wynn’s Mirage Resorts.


MGM’s bid includes the $4.8bn cash offer which delivers a 30% premium on Mandalay’s market value before bidding started


MGM will also take on $2.5bn of debts and $600m in bonds that are convertible to shares.…

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Pai Gow Poker rules

Pai Gow poker is played with a deck of 53 cards: a standard deck plus one wild joker. Each player is dealt 7 cards and must split them into two hands. The first hand is referred to as “the highest  hand,”  and  consists of  5 cards.  The  second  hand is


referred to as “the second highest,” and consists of only 2 cards. The game follows general poker ranking rules: one pair, three of a kind, etc. The 5-card hand must always rank higher than the 2-card hand. For example, if your seven cards are: ace + ace + 9 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 3, you cannot place the two aces as in your 2-card hand. The pair of aces must be kept in “the highest hand” (i.e. the 5-card hand).


Your goal as the player is to beat both of the dealer’s hands; the highest and the second highest. If you only succeed in winning one of the two hands, the round results in a tie, or “push.”


If both your hands lose against the dealer’s hands, the Slot Gacor dealer takes the bet. If both of your hands beat the dealer’s hands, you receive “even money” on your bet (i.e. 1 to 1), with the exception that the bank takes a 5% commission from your winnings.


Here are some other rules you should know…


The wild card, or joker, may be used only as a single ace; or to complete a flush, straight, or a straight flush.


When the player and the dealer compare hands that have the same rank, that hand is referred to as a “copy hand.” Unlike in blackjack, where a copy hand results in a push; the dealer wins the copy hand in Pai Gow


Pai Gow Hand Rankings are as follows:


1:  5 Aces

2:  Royal Flush

3:  Straight Flush

4:  4 of a kind

5:  Full House

6:  Flush

7:  Straight

8:  3 of a kind

9:  2 pairs

10:1 pair

11: High card


The only difference between the system of ranking hands in Pai Gow poker and in other poker games is that A-K-Q-J-10 ranks as the highest straight, A-2-3-4-5 ranks as the second highest straight, followed by K-Q-J-10-9.


So there you go…good luck with your Pai Gow Poker experiences.


Pai Gow Poker strategy


Pai Gow expert Stanford Wong has been quoted as saying that being dealer/banker as often as possible has the most significant impact on a winning strategy. Now this is all very well when you’re  at your local casino,  but not too  helpful  online, since few


internet casinos allow you to be the dealer/banker.  But there are still a number of handy tips on hand selection that will help your dollar go a lot further.


Set out below are optimum hand selections based on cards dealt.  For simplicity’s sake, we have called any pair of 2’s through 6’s a “low pair”, 7’s through J’s a “medium pair”, and Q’s through A’s a “high pair”.


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