How to Stay Healthy in Your Senior Years

Senior citizens face many challenges as they reach their golden years. Typically during this time in life, people have reached retirement and struggle to find ways to fill up their time. Their bodies move slower and they face challenges to remain active and social. Keeping healthy during the senior years can be a challenge, but it can also prove to be a way to get creative and to try new things.

Staying active is important to the health of any senior. If you are a senior citizen and have found yourself struggling to find ways to keep your health maintained, the old recommendations remain timeless and true today. The more active you are, the more your body will be stimulated and the more it will maintain a youthful energy. One of the biggest challenges to seniors to be active is finding activities which are enjoyable and stimulating as opposed to unrealistic and monotonous.

Stay Active

Bowling, dancing classes, golfing, walking, yoga, swimming, and tennis are great ways for seniors to spend their mornings or afternoons. These activities provide cardio workouts, in varying levels depending upon the activity, and promote healthy hearts and good blood circulation. In addition to these things mentioned, Pilates, hiking, low impact aerobics, and low speed canoeing also provide ways to be active which are fun and stimulating.

It is important to remember to switch up the activities you participate in so that your mind remains refreshed and refrains from growing bored at doing the same activity each week. Incorporating social activity such as volunteering and visiting friends also works to stimulate and support a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and calcium should be incorporated into each daily diet in order to provide the body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Eat Healthy

Combining activity and a balanced and low-fat diet with invigorating exercise are the best ways to ensure that your health will not only be maintained, but improved in the months and years to come. The more social seniors remain; statistics have proven the more active and healthier their bodies remain. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle when you reach the golden years may require creativity and a willingness to try new things and it often gets the senior out of his or her comfortable shell and into the world doing something new. This proves to be invigorating and refreshing and promotes a healthier mind and body.

Plan Your Future

Planning for the future is something that will benefit seniors. This can be done years before the retirement years approach. Retirement savings funds and senior health insurance are important things to consider when you are planning for your senior citizen years. It is necessary to know what your options are, how much money it will take to survive and thrive once you are retired, and what kind of health care you will have available. Many people have discovered that planning ahead and taking care of these things allows for more time for enjoyment and less stress once they reach their senior years.



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toto sgp Declares 15% Drop in Football Pools

The long-term viability of football pools in the UK was dealt another blow yesterday when Littlewoods Pools operator Sportech declared a 15% drop in revenues from the game.


In a trading statement ahead of its half year results, Liverpool-based Sportech said the fall in revenue from pools punters was bigger than expected.


Football pools has been in decline in the UK since the introduction of the National Lottery in 1994 and only two companies remain in the market – Sportech and Vernons,, which is also based in Liverpool.


Airline to offer gambling and gaming on board!


32Red, a UK toto sgp focused online casino operator, has floated on London Stock Exchange. Admission took place and dealings in the Ordinary Shares on AIM commenced at 8.00 a.m. on Friday the 23rd of September. On Admission the Company had 47,335,500 Ordinary Shares in issue and a market capitalization of around £60 million.


32Red had to shelve plans for a £25m fundraising drive after investor appetite for egaming stocks collapsed following the share price fall of PartyGaming.


But Ed Ware, chief executive of 32Red, commented he was not disappointed at the revised flotation plans.


“I’m quite happy with the situation, and when the market sentiment has turned around we may look at a fundraising from a much stronger position,” he said.


During the six months to 30 June 2005, 32Red generated revenues of around £4.2m and net profits of around £1m.


32Red plans to use its boost in public profile from the listing to launch an offline marketing program, and increase its international exposure.


Ware said he intended to keep focusing on the UK market, but would also increase marketing activities in Japan and throughout Scandinavia.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd Sponsors The World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise


(30 September 2005) Imagine combining the thrill of playing bingo for huge payouts, with a luxurious Caribbean holiday. If you are even slightly captivated by this attractive scenario, you will be knocked for six, to find out that it is going to be made a reality. Bingo Entertainment Ltd (, operator of BINGOGALA™ (, BingoMEGA (, Premier Bingo ( and many other online bingo games, will be the 2006 main sponsor of the hugely successful World Championship Bingo Tournament.


The Tournament will take place aboard a deluxe cruise ship which will take bingo players to the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean. The itinerary includes stops at three ports in Central America; Panama, Costa Rica and Belize and offers exclusive excursions in each city. Bingo voyagers will be treated to a unique and fun-packed experience which will create memories to last a lifetime.


The cruise ship is the magnificent Carnival Legend, one of the fastest cruise ships in the world. It will take its passengers on a terrific 8-day voyage making its first stop at Colon, Panama, the city near the entrance to the Panama Canal before reaching Limon, Costa Rica. Bingo players may choose to travel the Isthmian Railroad, the World’s first trans-continental railroad, or take a guided tour of the Gatun Locks, the 100 year old engineering marvel that raises huge ships 70 feet as they enter the Panama Canal.


The next stop is Limon, the gateway to the interior of Costa Rica with its lush jungles home to playful monkeys, crocodiles, countless lizards and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies. Popular side-trips will include several unique eco-tourism sightseeing tours, one of which will take you on an aerial tram through the canopy of Costa Rica’s Central Mountain rainforest in the Braulio Carrillo National Park.


Making a third stop, passengers will be taken on to breathtakingly beautiful Belize with its English-speaking, Creole-dominated inhabitants. Most visitors to Belize make it a point to visit one of the ancient Mayan ruins. Xunantunich (Stone Maiden), set on a levelled hilltop near the Belize River, is the archaeological pride of Belize and optional escorted tours arranged through Carnival Cruise Line are available to visit this impressive historic site.


Bingo players’ appetites will also be satisfied with a Bingo Entertainment Bingo Tournament, offering guaranteed cash and prizes worth $80,000.00 including a final blackout game that will pay $10,000.00! The popular “Symphony of Slots” and “Bugle Blackjack” Tournaments are also on the agenda, providing maximum fun and more chances to win!


On board, passengers can take advantage of the ship’s luxurious amenities, including a two-level promenade with shops, clubs and lounges, the Merlin Casino, the Legend Dance Club and the finest dining at sea, including a “reservation-only” supper club! At night, an entertaining show will be put on at the Follies Lounge.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd is very proud to be the main sponsor of this fantastic event and looks forward to creating special memories for participating bingo players. The cruise will essentially bring together a virtual and friendly bingo-playing community, making it possible for players to share their gaming interests, have fun and make new friends.


For more information about the World Championship Bingo Tournament and gaming cruise, players can visit the Bingo Entertainment website at or email




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Durrrr-Challenge Update: Durrrr-recoups some of his losses

Patrik and togel online put in a short session on the 13th that lasted around 60minutes. Over that short period they logged 310 hands and durrrr was able to book a much-needed win to compensate for some of the big losses he suffered in the May 4th session.


Patrik now holds the lead with $391,704 profit, however but it was Durrrr who walked away the winner in that session booking a $96,358 win.


In the first major hand of the session PA raised on the BU to $1200, Durrr 3bet to $3600 and PA 4bet to $6000. Durrr called to see a 2h8h5c flop. He check-raised PA’s $10000 cbet to $42,000 and PA shoved in the rest of his stack, Durrr quickly called off the remaining $23,199. The turn and river came 4s 9s and Durrr flipped Qc6cQh9h for an over pair, flush draw and inside straight draw, while PA had flopped 2 pair with 7c5s8sKc. The massive $142,397.50 pot was shipped to Patrik.


In the second major hand PA opened to $1200 on the BU and Durrr 3bet out of position to $3600. The flop came 6sJs7c and Durrr bet $4800. Patrik called and the flop came 9d, Durrr check called $14,400 this time and the river came Ks. Durrr bet $27,200 and PA made the call. Durrr turned over 3hTsAsAc for the nut flush and was awarded the $119,999.50 pot.


In another interesting hand Durrr opened on the BU for $1200 and Pa 3bet to $3600. Durrr called in position with 4d2d9sTs and the flop came 9c7h3s. PA bet $6000 into the $7200 pot and Durrr called with a pair and some backdoor draws. The turn came Qs giving Durrr a pair and a spade draw,  PA check called $15,600 and the river came 9d giving dawn trips. With the pot at 50k, Durrr put PA all in after he checked and PA called. PA mucked his likely overpair.


Challenge Status

Leader:    Patrik Antonius

Amount:    $391,704.00

Hands:    13,556 of 50,000

Days:    19


Pocketownage420 wins Full-Tilt-Poker FTOPS XII Main Event


The 12th FTOPS ended this weekend with the conclusion of the Main Event. The Main Event was a $500+35 NLHE tournament. There was a $2,500,000 guarantee and 4581 entrants.


The chip count on the final table was as follows:

Pocketownage420 – 6,355,367

azzabentonaces – 5,587,683

-NinG- – 4,796,044

nickeltwenty –3,860,832

oiltrader – 3,823,366

iDubDeuce – 2,670,082

baDONKaD0NK88 – 2,468,496

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – 2,453,887

RonFezBuddy – 2,341,743


Oiltrader was the first to bust at the 40,000/80,000 blind level. Nickeltwenty raised to 240,000 from middle position. Oiltrader 3bet to 800,000 in the CO and azzabentonaces cold 4bet to 3,010,000 on the button. Nickeltwenty wisely folded and oiltrader went all in for 4,843,366. A call from azzabentonaces revealed KK, and oiltrader’s AK was in pretty bad shape. The board bricked and oiltrader fell in ninth place for $32,500.


Eliminated in 8th was baDONKaD0NK88, at 50,000/100,000 level. He limped AA in middle position and was looking for someone to try to steal the pot or raise it up with something legitimate. BaDONKaD0NK88 obliged when he raised from the SB, moving all in for 1,578,496 with 66. Azzabentonaces called and took down the pot after the board ran out 7d4d5s7hKc; a pretty big sweat on that flop. For eighth place, baDONKaDONK88 earned $43,750.


RonFezBuddy headed out shortly after in 7th when he shoved over a CO raise from azzabentonaces with TT. Azzabentonaces called with AQhh, flipaments! The board ran out 7s8h9h5h8d as azzabentonaces made the ace-high flush, eliminating RonFezBuddy in 7th place for $57,500.


At the 60,000/120,000 level, Julian “Hartwith” Adamson raised to 270,000 in the HJ. It folded to -NinG- in the big blind, who shoved for 2,107,088. Adamson called with AA,  and -NinG- needed to catch up as a 4:1 dog with 99. He bricked and was out in sixth place for $75,000.


Nickeltwenty busted soon after in the same level. In the small blind with AQo and looking at three limpers in front of him, nickeltwenty shoved all in for 2,621,945. Chip leader azzabentonaces was the lone caller, tabling a dominating AKo. The board fell Ad7d3sTcJs and nickeltwenty left in fifth place, collecting a cool $100,000.


Julian “Hartwith” Adamson wa snect out. He shoved for 1,963,667 with A3o, but was called by iDubDeuce  AKo. The board brought no help for Adamson, and he was sent to the rail for $132,500.


Three levels later iDubDeuce was busto in third place at 120,000/240,000. On the button, iDubDeuce called and azzabentonaces raised to 960,000 from the SB. iDubDeuce called and the flop came JsAc2c. Azzabentonaces bet 960,000 and iDubDeuce called. The turn came Kc and azzabentonaces fired a second barrel of 4,170,000. IDubDeuce shoved all in for 10,608,856 and azzabentonaces called with As4c, trailing iDubDeuce’s KJo for two pair. The river was a cruel 3c and that gave the pot to azzabentonaces with a flush. The third-place finish earned iDubDeuce $170,000.


Azzabentonaces began heads-up play with a massive 5:1 chip lead. But two double-ups by Pocketownage420 turned the tables, putting him in the chip lead. The tournament came to an end at the 140,000/280,000 blind level. Pocketownage420 opened to 700,000 on the button and azzabentonaces pushed shoved it all in for 7,828,420 with 77. Pocketownage420 called with AJo and won the race by making a Broadway straight. Azzabentonaces earned $262,500 for 2nd place and the winner of the FTOPS XII Main Event was Pocketownage420 for a massive $432,400!!


Final Results:

  1. Pocketownage420 – $432,400
  2. azzabentonaces – $262,500
  3. iDubDeuce – $170,000
  4. Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – $132,500
  5. nickeltwenty – $100,000
  6. -NinG- – $75,000
  7. RonFezBuddy – $57,500
  8. baDONKaD0NK88 – $43,750
  9. oiltrader – $32,500



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Pai Gow Poker rules

Pai Gow poker is played with a deck of 53 cards: a standard deck plus one wild joker. Each player is dealt 7 cards and must split them into two hands. The first hand is referred to as “the highest  hand,”  and  consists of  5 cards.  The  second  hand is


referred to as “the second highest,” and consists of only 2 cards. The game follows general poker ranking rules: one pair, three of a kind, etc. The 5-card hand must always rank higher than the 2-card hand. For example, if your seven cards are: ace + ace + 9 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 3, you cannot place the two aces as in your 2-card hand. The pair of aces must be kept in “the highest hand” (i.e. the 5-card hand).


Your goal as the player is to beat both of the dealer’s hands; the highest and the second highest. If you only succeed in winning one of the two hands, the round results in a tie, or “push.”


If both your hands lose against the dealer’s hands, the Slot Gacor dealer takes the bet. If both of your hands beat the dealer’s hands, you receive “even money” on your bet (i.e. 1 to 1), with the exception that the bank takes a 5% commission from your winnings.


Here are some other rules you should know…


The wild card, or joker, may be used only as a single ace; or to complete a flush, straight, or a straight flush.


When the player and the dealer compare hands that have the same rank, that hand is referred to as a “copy hand.” Unlike in blackjack, where a copy hand results in a push; the dealer wins the copy hand in Pai Gow


Pai Gow Hand Rankings are as follows:


1:  5 Aces

2:  Royal Flush

3:  Straight Flush

4:  4 of a kind

5:  Full House

6:  Flush

7:  Straight

8:  3 of a kind

9:  2 pairs

10:1 pair

11: High card


The only difference between the system of ranking hands in Pai Gow poker and in other poker games is that A-K-Q-J-10 ranks as the highest straight, A-2-3-4-5 ranks as the second highest straight, followed by K-Q-J-10-9.


So there you go…good luck with your Pai Gow Poker experiences.


Pai Gow Poker strategy


Pai Gow expert Stanford Wong has been quoted as saying that being dealer/banker as often as possible has the most significant impact on a winning strategy. Now this is all very well when you’re  at your local casino,  but not too  helpful  online, since few


internet casinos allow you to be the dealer/banker.  But there are still a number of handy tips on hand selection that will help your dollar go a lot further.


Set out below are optimum hand selections based on cards dealt.  For simplicity’s sake, we have called any pair of 2’s through 6’s a “low pair”, 7’s through J’s a “medium pair”, and Q’s through A’s a “high pair”.


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Ulasan Kasino – Kasino Slotland

Ulasan oleh John Abbott

Saya mengunjungi Slotland baru-baru ini untuk memainkan permainan mereka lagi. Sekarang saya bukan ahli komputer jadi salah satu aspek dari Slotland yang sangat menarik bagi saya adalah kasino “tanpa unduhan” mereka. Selain itu, gim mereka tidak digerakkan oleh Java sehingga Anda ditawari grafis berkualitas tinggi dengan nuansa mesin slot nyata tanpa risiko merusak peramban Anda. Saya diberitahu bahwa pengguna WebTV sangat menyukai Slotland karena ini adalah salah satu dari sedikit kasino online yang mampu memberikan permainan ke grup elit itu.

Anda mendapatkan pembayaran besar yang sama jika tidak lebih baik daripada yang Anda lakukan di kasino berbasis lahan nyata. (Slotland membayar 98% bersertifikat!) Di Slotland Anda merasa seperti Anda adalah bagian dari komunitas pribadi khusus. Komunitas yang memiliki akses ke beberapa jackpot slot besar. Mereka baru saja membayar jackpot progresif lebih dari $135.000 September lalu.

Setiap permainan yang mereka tawarkan terkait dengan jackpot progresif yang sama sehingga Anda dapat dengan cepat menemukan permainan favorit Anda dan bermain sepuasnya dengan mengetahui bahwa Anda tidak melewatkan kesempatan untuk mencapainya dengan sangat besar!

Sekarang menurut saya ini adalah hal terbesar yang dilakukan Slotland untuk itu. “Permainan mereka semua orisinal.” Tidak seperti kebanyakan kasino online yang menawarkan rentang permainan terbatas yang sama, Slotland melakukan Data sgp tugasnya sendiri. Jika Anda mencari sesuatu yang berbeda maka jangan lewatkan Slotland.

Saya berbicara baik dengan manajemen Slotland tentang permainan mereka dan strategi yang harus digunakan pemain untuk keuntungan mereka. Manajemen slotland sangat membantu dan kami mengumpulkan yang berikut ini:

Saya akan menjelaskan secara singkat delapan permainan unik yang mereka tawarkan dan beberapa strategi yang direkomendasikan yang mungkin ingin Anda coba.


Rentang taruhan: $1,00 hingga $60,00 per permainan.

Game ini sangat bagus untuk pecinta blackjack. Ini bukan permainan blackjack standar Anda. Tidak ada opsi menyerah atau berpisah, Anda juga tidak dapat membeli asuransi tetapi tambahan yang mereka tawarkan lebih dari mengimbangi keterbatasan kecil ini.

Pertama, pemain secara otomatis dibagikan 3 tangan untuk dimainkan. Sekarang Anda tidak diharuskan untuk bertaruh pada tiga tangan, dan untuk pemain blackjack khusus, Anda mungkin hanya ingin bertaruh satu tangan, karena alasan berikut: setelah tangan Anda dibagikan, Anda memiliki pilihan untuk berdiri, memukul, atau menggandakan. . Tapi inilah triknya… opsi apa pun yang Anda pilih (hit, stand, atau double down) berlaku untuk “semua” tiga tangan Anda sekaligus!

Sekarang siapa yang waras akan memainkan ketiga tangan, ketika opsi hit/stand/double down Anda berlaku untuk semua tangan sekaligus? Nah, untuk memenangkan jackpot progresif, Anda harus bertaruh “sesuatu” di ketiga tangan dan mendapatkan blackjack di ketiga tangan. Sangat tidak mungkin, tetapi sekali lagi, itu seharusnya karena jackpot mereka saat ini melebihi $75.000! Saya tidak tahu tempat lain untuk bermain blackjack dan memiliki kesempatan untuk memenangkan dolar besar.

Tapi inilah mungkin alasan paling menarik untuk bermain Spacejack. Blackjack mereka akan membayar Anda 3 untuk 1! Ya, bertaruh $20 dan dapatkan blackjack, dan Anda mendapatkan $60 sebagai imbalannya! Anda tidak dapat menemukan pengembalian semacam itu pada permainan blackjack lainnya! Dan satu lagi plus… jika Anda mendapatkan blackjack dan dealer juga mendapat blackjack, itu bukan dorongan. Anda masih menang 3 untuk 1. Berapa kali hati Anda tenggelam ketika Anda dengan bangga menampar blackjack Anda, hanya untuk menemukan dealer mendorong kembali taruhan Anda karena dia juga mendapat blackjack?

Strategi Spacejack:

Permainan ini membutuhkan sedikit pemikiran di pihak saya untuk mendapatkan pendekatan yang tepat. Fakta bahwa sebagian besar pemain blackjack tidak akan menyukai fitur 3 tangan di mana mereka tidak dapat memainkan masing-masing tangan secara terpisah. Tetapi harapan untuk menang besar akan menarik bagi sebagian besar pemain.

Sekarang aturan mereka untuk mendapatkan jackpot progresif hanya mengharuskan taruhan ditempatkan di masing-masing tangan (tidak harus taruhan maksimal di masing-masing tangan). Jadi pemain pintar akan memainkan taruhan maksimum ($20) di tangan 1 dan taruhan minimum ($1) di tangan 2 & 3. Mereka harus fokus sepenuhnya pada tangan 1 dan membiarkan 2 lainnya menang atau kalah, tanpa banyak khawatir. Jadi, untuk tambahan 10% dari taruhan dasar $20, mereka memberi diri mereka kesempatan untuk mendapatkan jackpot progresif besar!

Beberapa dari Anda mungkin memilih keluar dari kemungkinan jackpot progresif dan hanya bermain blackjack murni dengan bermain hanya dengan satu tangan. Itu cukup OK dan pilihan Anda.

Hati liar

Kisaran taruhan: $0,25 hingga $15,00 per permainan

Ini adalah salah satu dari dua permainan video poker Slotlands. Anda dibagikan 3 tangan yang identik (tentu saja, Anda memilih taruhan Anda untuk masing-masing tangan sebelum kesepakatan). Cari kartu liar, karena ini dapat digunakan untuk apa saja. Pilih kartu yang ingin Anda buang, lalu klik tombol deal. Ini kemudian akan membagikan kartu ke masing-masing dari ketiga tangan itu dan membayar pemenang sesuai dengan itu.

Jack atau Lebih Baik

Rentang taruhan: $0,50 hingga $10,00 per permainan.

Ini adalah permainan video poker Slotland lainnya. Tidak ada lonceng dan peluit, tidak ada tikungan dan belokan khusus atau aturan untuk mengumpulkan jackpot progresif. Duduk saja dan mainkan sepuasnya.

Untuk pemain yang mencari Jacks or Better klasik, ini sama bagusnya dengan permainan.



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Pemain Sbobet batas rendah selamat dari High-Life — kali ini

Pada tamasya permainan terakhir saya, saya harus bermain di permainan blackjack $25 karena semua permainan $3-$5 untuk kami pemain batas rendah penuh. Sungguh dunia yang berbeda pada permainan batas tinggi, dan dua hal menarik menarik perhatian saya.

Pertama, seorang pria di sebelah saya di kandang kasir sedang menguangkan ribuan dolar chip yang dia menangkan pada permainan blackjack yang sama dengan yang saya ikuti. Dan kasir meminta beberapa identitas. Saya tidak menyadari Anda harus menunjukkan ID ketika Anda menjadi pemenang. Apakah ini praktik standar di semua kasino?

Juga, pemain lain di meja saya terus meminta dealer untuk lebih banyak chip. Yang harus dia lakukan hanyalah menandatangani secarik kertas dan sebagai imbalannya dia terus mendapatkan chip senilai $1.000. Apa sebenarnya yang terjadi di sini? Apakah dia shill untuk rumah? Jimmy S.

Hei, Jimmy, apa yang kau lakukan di Sam Hill di atas meja $25? Percayalah, permainan seperempat jepret bukanlah tempat untuk kawanan kotak makan siang — selamanya! Terimalah nasihat penuh perhatian ini sebagai tamparan di pergelangan tangan. Lain kali, harapkan hukuman koreksi finansial yang jauh lebih besar, dari karyawan kasino, mis. dealer yang bersedia dan mampu mengambil semua uang hasil jerih payah Anda dengan kecepatan sonik.

Mengenai pertanyaan pertama Anda, alasan untuk gelar ketiga di kandang kasir adalah karena Paman Sam tidak ingin kasino menjadi simpanan dan pinjaman pengedar narkoba. Peraturan 6 menyatakan bahwa setiap kali transaksi tunai pemain melebihi $10.000 dalam periode 24 jam, pelanggan tersebut harus memberikan nama, alamat permanen, dan nomor SIM kepada kasino. Salah satu dari Reg. Tujuan 6 yang dimaksudkan adalah Daftar idn poker untuk menggagalkan pencucian uang. Contoh dari hal ini terlihat ketika seorang pria bijak yang penuh muatan membeli chip senilai $10 G di meja, memainkan tiga tangan blackjack, lalu berlari ke kandang kasir untuk menguangkan chip yang sama dengan satu lengan dua puluhan.

Apa yang Anda lihat di permainan blackjack mungkin bukan shilling, tetapi permainan “penanda”. Pemain yang telah membangun kredit dengan kasino dapat menulis penanda di meja permainan Sbobet. Penanda pada dasarnya adalah cek yang tertulis di kredit pemain. Kenyamanan pelanggan ini mengakomodasi pemain yang tidak ingin membawa ratusan ke meja. Sebaliknya, pemain meminta penanda $1.000. Bos pit memanggil kandang kasir untuk melihat berapa banyak uang atau kredit yang tersisa di rekening orang itu. Dia kemudian menulis penanda untuk jumlah yang diminta, meminta pemain menandatanganinya — sekarang secara hukum setara dengan cek — dan menyerahkan chip senilai $1000. Kasir kemudian memotong $1.000 dari sisa saldo pemain.

Akhirnya, kembali ke kejang front-end saya yang mengerikan. Sekali lagi, apa yang Anda lakukan di meja $25?

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya diberitahu bahwa blackjack multi-aksi memiliki persentase kemenangan yang lebih tinggi untuk kasino daripada blackjack biasa. Aturannya sama, mengapa harus lebih tinggi? Apakah saya melewatkan sesuatu? Dan L

Alasan mengapa Blackjack multi-aksi memiliki persentase kemenangan yang lebih tinggi daripada permainan BJ biasa Anda adalah karena sebagian besar pemain tidak melakukan pukulan yang seharusnya karena takut kehilangan ketiga taruhan. Misalnya, katakanlah seorang pemain memiliki 13 melawan kartu wajah dealer. Karena pemain memiliki tiga taruhan di telepon, bel alarm berbunyi tentang kehilangan SEMUA TIGA TANGAN dan pemain biasa kalah. Kehati-hatian sporadis ini melanggar aturan strategi dasar yang sempurna untuk memukul angka 13. Setiap kali kaki dingin menang atas matematika permainan, kasino menang.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Biarkan saya memberi tahu Anda, tidak ada obat yang lebih baik daripada permainan kartu persahabatan untuk menghilangkan kekhawatiran dunia kerja.” – Paul Auster, The Music of Chance (1990)



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Pressure menceritakan sebagai flounder favorit di Bandar Togel Singapura

Ini bukanlah awal yang diantisipasi oleh Juninho yang dipimpin oleh Sydney FC dengan pelatih Branko Culina yang kurang mendapat kesempatan untuk melanjutkan perang kata-katanya dengan media Sydney setelah juara 2005/06 itu akhirnya mencatatkan kemenangan pertama mereka di bawah asuhannya.

Butuh upaya klasik dari pemain belakang ke gawang, gol dari pemain pengganti Brasil Patrick dengan sentuhan pertamanya dan penampilan luar biasa di pertahanan tengah dari bek Socceroos Mark Milligan untuk meraih kemenangan 1-0 di Brisbane atas Queensland Roar yang malang.

Sebelum putaran dimulai, Sydney menopang tabel delapan tim setelah dua kali seri dan dua kekalahan dan peretasan nakal mulai mengelilingi klub yang diperangi seperti burung nasar di sekitar pembunuhan jalan.

Skenario yang menyedihkan adalah satu juta mil dari pertandingan pertama Culina yang bertanggung jawab ketika pada bulan Maret ia membimbing tim barunya untuk kemenangan mengejutkan 2-1 atas Shanghai Shenhua di babak pembukaan Liga Champions AFC.

Hampir enam bulan kemudian, Culina musim ini dipaksa untuk membela diri seperti petinju yang terjebak di tali – dan selama akhir pekan dia tidak akan menyia-nyiakan kesempatan untuk melakukan serangan balik.

Tuduhan utama yang dilontarkan kepada pelatih Sydney adalah salah satu arogansi karena para rival dengan gembira menyerang tim Bandar Togel Singapura yang menyatakan dirinya sebagai ‘klub glamor’ liga dua tahun lalu.

Dengan ‘sepanjang malam’ Dwight Yorke dan, Data hk secara singkat, Kazu di antara barisan mereka, Sydney tentu saja mendominasi kolom inci, menghasilkan kerumunan terbesar dan kadang-kadang memainkan sepak bola yang menyenangkan di bawah Pierre Littbarski dari Jerman.

Tapi itu dulu.

Littbarski sekarang tinggal kenangan, keramaian di kota pelabuhan berkurang dan hanya mewakili setengah dari apa yang secara teratur ditarik oleh juara bertahan Melbourne Victory sejak kepindahan mereka ke Telstra Dome dan kehadiran Yorke di halaman depan dan belakang yang mahakuasa telah lama hilang.

Jauh dari sepak bola, Sydneysiders sering menerima klaim arogansi jadi mungkin tidak ada yang baru dalam kesombongan Culina yang percaya diri.

Tapi penembak jitu, terutama yang terdiri dari persaudaraan sepak bola Melbourne, dengan senang hati membandingkan antara Sydney dan Manchester United dengan kerusuhan ruang rapat, cedera bahu pada Juninho dan perekrutan pra-musim yang tidak didanai juga di bawah mikroskop.

Sydney beruntung mengalahkan Queensland selama akhir pekan, tim tamu memanfaatkan keragu-raguan tuan rumah dalam pertahanan untuk entah bagaimana meraih kemenangan setelah babak pertama yang lesu.

Apa kemudian, seorang reporter yang berbasis di Brisbane dari tabloid The Courier Mail bertanya, adalah isi dari seruan reli setengah waktu Culina.

“Saya bilang ayo sombong,” ejek pelatih FC itu teatrikal. “Bukankah itu yang ingin kalian dengar?

“Lagipula, bukankah aku melakukan wawancara setengah jam denganmu kemarin dan yang ingin kamu tulis hanyalah tentang betapa sombongnya kami,” lanjutnya. “Ada sedikit perbedaan antara percaya diri dan arogan.”

Culina yang bersemangat mempertahankan bahwa dia bisa menangani panasnya pelatihan di bawah sorotan tetapi dengan licik menjauhkan diri dari referensi ke juara Inggris, mengatakan mereka hanya dibuat untuk menggarisbawahi minat media yang konstan pada klub yang berbasis di kota terpadat di Australia.

“Ini menjadi sarkastik atau arogan ketika kami mengatakan penting bahwa Sydney melakukannya dengan baik – atau setidaknya itu bagi kami – karena apa yang diwakilinya dalam populasi,” dia mundur.

“Saya tidak mengatakan kami adalah Manchester United atau semuanya, saya hanya mengatakan tekanan ada di Sydney. Maksud saya, negara bagian mana yang akan menulis tentang menyingkirkan pelatih selain Sydney.”

Tidak banyak membantu bahwa saingan New South Wales Central Coast Mariners memimpin liga dengan empat poin.

Sebaliknya, mantan pelatih terbaik Lawrie McKinna jarang muncul di tabloid dan klub terlibat dengan komunitas lokal dengan cara yang belum pernah dikelola oleh waralaba lain.

Ruang rapat Mariners bersatu, pendanaan korporat membanjiri dan pihak memiliki kekuatan serangan untuk menyaingi Melbourne setelah mantan penyerang Sydney Sasho Petrovski menukar suasana hiruk pikuk ibukota NSW dengan gaya hidup santai di Coast.

Sebenarnya, Petrovski bukan satu-satunya orang yang membelakangi Sydney akhir-akhir ini.


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Casinos Go Semua Situs Slot Mpo Overseas; Nevada Loses Out

Business Wire – “Nevada’s ‘window of opportunity’ to develop a new tax-base from Internet gaming may soon slam shut,” said Richard Fitzpatrick, president of the Interactive Gaming Institute of Nevada (IGI), in reference to a license that was issued today to MGM MIRAGE allowing them to open an online casino in Isle of Man, a self-governing, dependent territory of the United Kingdom.

“We support MGM MIRAGE’s decision to utilize Internet gaming,” Fitzpatrick said. “They should do what’s best for their stockholders. They — and the other Nevada casinos that will likely get licensed in the Isle of Man during the next few months — will be enormously successful. Our frustration is that the potential of significant new tax revenue for Nevada will now be lost.”

The first three Isle of Man online casino licenses were awarded Thursday (9/20/01) to Littlewoods in London and Sun International based in South Africa, and MGM MIRAGE. Eleven firms are thought to have made serious applications for licenses, including other major U.S. corporations. The island also announced that it plans to issue an additional nine licenses in early November.

“These online casinos won’t accept bets from U.S. citizens, nevertheless they’ll join in a projected $5 billion worldwide Internet gambling market,” Fitzpatrick said. “If our Nevada resorts take a mere 20 percent share, that would generate gross revenue of $1 billion, which represents more than $60 million in taxes that our state could have received.

“With Nevada’s tourist-based economy becoming rather unstable, the state has no choice but to think about potential sources of new revenue. Internet gaming, which brings in money from those who don’t live here — don’t even visit here — should be the top of the list.”

IGI, a non-profit coalition of gaming and technology Semua Situs Slot Mpo companies, was officially launched in June after the passage of a bill by the Nevada Legislature that included provisions allowing the Nevada Gaming Commission to develop a process for the approval of interactive gaming applications.

“We formed IGI to serve as a bridge between the gaming licensees in Nevada and the technology companies who have the capability to make their Internet plans a reality,” said Fitzpatrick. “We will provide that support whether the casinos become licensed in Nevada — or 5,000 miles from here. Consequently, as an association, IGI still has a full agenda to carry out.

“However, as Nevada citizens, we’re extremely frustrated that our state hasn’t shown progress in implementing what the legislature authorized. Now, our foremost gaming companies are preparing to take their Internet operations — and the resulting millions of dollars of tax benefits — to other countries.”

This will be a topic seriously discussed next week at the “Interactive Gaming Exposition and Conference” (Sept. 26-28) at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. More than 300 people are expected to attend the conference described as “where the regulated casino industry meets interactive gaming.”

“I’m still an optimist,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m hopeful the governor will quickly name a new chairperson of the Gaming Commission and they will begin work immediately to authorize a realistic set of regulations that address the legislation’s issues — while providing Nevada’s licensed casinos the opportunity to compete fairly in the international marketplace.

“We stand ready to supply our members expertise and other assistance necessary to see that this takes place.”




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