MGM Partners with Togel Hongkong WagerWorks, Orbis

SAN FRANCISCO & LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WagerWorks, Inc., a leading technology and content provider for the online gaming industry, announced today it has been selected by MGM MIRAGE (NYSE:MGG – news) to develop its online casinos. MGM MIRAGE, headquartered in Las Vegas, owns and/or operates through subsidiaries 19 casino properties on three continents. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

WagerWorks, which has been the content and technology provider for MGM MIRAGE’s online prize site since its inception in March 2001, develops and markets a comprehensive Internet gaming system that enables gaming operators in regulated markets to implement a complete online casino solution. WagerWorks’ technology and high quality content allows these companies to increase customer acquisition and maintain a highly interactive relationship with their end-users. WagerWorks has recently completed the integration of WagerWare with Orbis’s OpenBet sportsbook system, which has also been selected by MGM MIRAGE. Target customers include online and brick and mortar casinos that currently operate in regulated markets and international online businesses (e-commerce companies, portals/search engines, online communities, etc.).

“The popularity of MGM MIRAGE’s prize site can be attributed to WagerWorks’ unparalleled content suite,” said Bill Hornbuckle, president and COO of MGM MIRAGE Online. “Their proven record of delivering reliable and innovative technology solutions for online gaming, coupled with their team’s 50 plus years of collective experience in the fully regulated gaming industry, makes WagerWorks and Orbis the ideal partners to help us establish our international online gaming presence.”

In order to concentrate on the international expansion of its online gaming initiative, MGM MIRAGE will phase out the points program on May 1 for its U.S. prize gaming site at The site will remain live and continue to offer the finest online gaming content available.

“WagerWorks is excited to be the partner of choice for the development of MGM MIRAGE’s online casinos,” added Andrew Pascal, CEO of Togel Hongkong WagerWorks. “We’ve been working closely with Orbis on a fully integrated system that leverages our robust casino gaming platform with their proven sports offering. Our relationship with MGM MIRAGE is the first in a series of upcoming announcements that will showcase how WagerWorks’ technology can help established brands leverage the Internet to expand their business operations.”

“We are very enthusiastic about our relationship with MGM MIRAGE and our partnership with WagerWorks,” noted Charles Malir, vice president of marketing at Orbis. “We have demonstrated our expertise in the area of online sports systems and MGM MIRAGE’s selection of us through our partnership with WagerWorks reaffirms this. We firmly believe that the WagerWare system from WagerWorks combined with our Openbet sports engine, will be recognized as the most compelling and credible online solution in the marketplace.”

“The international marketplace offers the greatest opportunities for gaming in a cash environment,” said Marc Falcone, managing director of gaming and leisure research with Bear Stearns. “WagerWorks’ content, technology, and strategic relationships (with established brands like MGM MIRAGE) makes them unquestionably well-positioned to capture a significant share of the market.”



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Goodlatte Testifies about Casino Malaysia Anti-Gambling Bill

Rep. Bob Goodlatte on Thursday told the House Judiciary subcommittee on crime that his revised gambling bill was designed to succeed where earlier efforts had failed.

The new piece of legislation, titled H.R. 3215, reaffirms states’ control over their own lotteries, in addition to taking a hands-off approach to Indian gaming and the horse racing industry.

The bill is tied in to Rep. Jim Leach’s bill (H.R. 556) – which was approved last month – that would prohibit persons or organizations engaged in ‘illegal Internet gambling’ from accepting credit card, check, or debit card payments.

Financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies would be responsible for monitoring and blocking transactions at illegal gaming sites.

Goodlatte’s bill also gives law enforcement agencies the power to move against groups that enable Internet gambling.

Critics and opponents of the bill have suggested that while the legislation is a step in the right direction, it is unlikely to have any real effect on the offshore companies that operate the majority of online gambling sites.

Online gambling advocates, most notably Frank Catania, former director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, continue to suggest that the U.S. government regulate the industry rather than prohibit it.

They also cited the financial benefits of legalizing and regulating online casinos within the U.S.

Eating Smart and Playing to Win

It stands to reason that a healthy diet keeps the mind sharp. But recent studies show that foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are your best bet against memory loss associated with the aging process.

And that means choosing the right mix of foods and supplements may help you to stay in the game a little longer when you’re gambling online.

Your brain shows signs of wear and tear and your memory starts to fade as early as age 25. This is what happens when you don’t feed your brain the antioxidants it needs to defend itself against damage and disease caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are in the air, cigarette smoke, and fried foods; they’re also brought on by stress. To fight these free radicals, the body uses an army of antioxidant-rich nutrients (including vitamin C, E and beta carotene).

You can also help by eating foods that are rich in Casino Malaysia antioxidants, like green peppers, fresh-squeezed orange juice, blueberries, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, prunes, broccoli, collard greens, carrots, and spinach.

With fifty percent of the brain made up of highly unsaturated fat, it needs fatty acids like omega-3s to maintain healthy functioning. Unfortunately, alcohol and smoke deplete the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your brain, so try not to drink alcohol or smoke when you’re playing a little 5 Card Stud.

To make matters worse, you can only get Docasahexaenoic acid (DHA), one of the main omega-3s, from food. The best way to get your omega-3s is to eat foods rich in them, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, flaxseed, almonds, and walnuts.

There are lots of other ways to boost your brainpower and get the most out of your game, even if you don’t like fish. Here are a few suggestions:

Supplements: Choline supplements or eating choline-rich foods (like wheat germ and eggs) will improve your thinking; B vitamins (B1, B6 and B12) will keep you out of the mental doldrums; iron will improve your hand-eye coordination; niacin will improve your short-term memory; and a little ginkgo biloba goes a long way to increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain and protecting it against those pesky free radicals. Always talk to a doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

Caffeine: One cup of coffee (not pots of it) will speed up your reaction time and enhance your ability to concentrate.

Daily exercise: A good workout gets the brain to release chemicals like epinephrine and norepinephrine, which keep you alert and on your toes.

Self-nurturing activities: If it feels good, do it! Early research indicates that playing video games (like online Video Poker, perhaps?) can solve a myriad of mental health problems.

A Healthy Breakfast: Mom was right. Statistics show that people who regularly eat breakfast are mentally sharper than people who don’t.

Obviously, it takes more than a few low-fat breakfast sausages or a light lunch at the sushi bar to win big online. But eating smart may save you from losing your mind – as well as your bankroll.

For more information on eating smart, check out the Health page at And for a scoop of health food ‘to go’, pick up a copy of Food and Mood: The Complete Guide to Eating Well and Feeling Your Best by Elizabeth Somer at



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Strategies for Video Asian2Bet Poker



This is a strategy guide for connoisseurs of video poker; you know who you are. You want to get the absolute maximum out of every session. When faced with a hand that could be played more than one way, it bothers you if you do not know which way is best. You want to know what kind of return you are getting on your gambling dollar, and which types of machines are the best to play.


The good news is that you can have confidence that, in playing video poker, you are playing the best game in the casino. Sometimes it takes a little searching, but you can always find casinos whose machines’ return is at least 99.5% (when played optimally!). Sure, you can get that return from craps or blackjack, but those are games where the bet is essentially even money. There is no possibility of a single large score. Elsewhere in the casino, games that have large potential payout for a single bet compensate by increasing the average house cut. For example, the cut in Keno averages about 25%! Video poker has a jackpot possibility of at least 800:1 (4000 coins for 5 coins bet), yet has a house cut more in line with the 1:1 table games like craps. In fact, in some places in Nevada you can actually find machines that are in your favor when you play them optimally.


Before we start digging into the nuances of the various games, it is important to stress the two basic rules. First, ALWAYS PLAY FIVE COINS. Second, ONLY PLAY MACHINES WITH THE GOOD PAYOFFS. Five coins are necessary to enable the full royal flush jackpot; even though you only hit the jackpot on average once every 30,000 or 40,000 hands, it still pays enough to make this about 2.5% of your total return. Straight flushes, in contrast, account for only about 0.5% of your total return.


The second principle, only Asian2Bet paying machines with the correct pay table, cannot be stressed too strongly. Some casinos will set the payoffs on certain hands lower than the standard pay; this can increase their total take by up to ten times what it would normally average for the same amount of play. Of course, there is the rub: they risk the amount of play falling off if players refuse to play the lower-paying machines. Video poker payouts are shown on the front of the machine. Better-paying machines usually pay equal or better in every single category than the lower-paying machines. Players that ignore the payout tables are the greedy casino’s legitimate prey. Do not be one of them!


One final rule is less significant than the first two but still worth observing: ALWAYS JOIN A SLOT CLUB if the casino offers it. These clubs are marketing tools that the casinos use to build loyalty and to identify their best customers. In return, they offer prizes which generally amount to about 1/5th of a per cent of the amount you gamble (more if you place a high value on tee shirts and coffee mugs). If you are willing to spend an entire trip gambling at a single casino, you may find you have triggered their often secret threshold that makes you eligible for much more significant freebies, like free rooms and/or meals, on that trip or the next. However, never stick with a slot club if it leaves you gambling on an inferior machine–the percentages do not justify it.


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Wynn details $2.5 billion plan for Le Reve in IPO

Steve Wynn, the builder of the Mirage Resorts empire and owner of the Desert Inn hotel-casino on the Strip, today filed for an initial public stock offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission to partially fund Le Reve, a $2.5 billion luxury resort he hopes to open in March 2005 at the Desert Inn site.

The IPO, filed this morning by Wynn Resorts Ltd., Las Vegas, is underwritten by Deutsche Bank Securities (formerly Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown), New York, Bear Stearns & Co., New York, and Banc of America Securities, San Francisco, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, New York.

The timing of the initial stock sale and the initial stock price were not listed. The filing projects proceeds of $355 million from the offering.

In addition, Wynn Resorts and its subsidiaries, Wynn Las Vegas LLC and Wynn Las Vegas Capital Corp., will jointly offer $350 million in second mortgage notes.

The filing says the stock would be offered on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange with the proposed trading symbol “WYNN.”

The filing of the offering puts Wynn Resorts in an SEC-mandated “quiet period” that prohibits the company from making comments about the project. However, several details of Wynn’s plans are outlined in the prospectus filed with the SEC.

The document says Wynn is expected to spend $2.5 billion on the project, which includes design costs, the cost of the land, capitalized interest, pre-opening expenses and all financing fees. It also includes a number of expenses that aren’t directly related to Le Reve’s construction.

That includes a $23.3 million investment in Wynn’s proposed resort project in Macau in China, and $38 million for the acquisition of a corporate aircraft.

By comparison, Bellagio cost $1.8 billion to open and the Venetian, $1.5 billion.

Of the $2.5 billion, design and construction costs would be about $1.375 billion. Wynn has hired veteran Las Vegas contractor Marnell Corrao to build the resort.

Wynn’s strategy for Le Reve is to develop a “must-see” UFA casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, the first major hotel-casino resort on the Strip in more than four years.

The prospectus said construction is expected to begin in September.

According to the document, Le Reve would have 2,701 rooms and suites, 18 dining outlets, including six fine-dining restaurants and a new exclusive 18-hole championship golf course. The resort also would include 78,200 square feet of retail shopping space with brand-name, high-end boutiques, plus a 130,000-square-foot convention area. That retail area, about the size of the Bellagio’s, would be much smaller than the malls at competitors the Venetian, Caesars Palace and the Aladdin.

The resort also would have a new water-based entertainment production by Franco Dragone, who developed Bellagio’s production of “O” and Treasure Island’s “Mystere” shows. A 2,080-seat showroom is planned and entertainment production costs have been listed as a $24 million expense in the prospectus.

The resort is expected to provide 7,000 jobs when it opens.

Wynn also plans an on-site, full-service Ferrari and Maserati car dealership and an art gallery displaying the works from the private art collection of Wynn and his wife, Elaine.

The prospectus says Le Reve will capitalize on its proximity to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Expo and Convention Center to attract conventioneers. The resort plans to offer free shuttle service to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Le Reve will be different from any other Las Vegas resorts in that it will not focus on a highly themed experience,” the prospectus says. “Instead, Le Reve will offer an environment having a sophisticated, casually elegant ambiance.”

The filing also explains the role of Wynn’s Japanese partner in the venture, Kazuo Okada, controlling owner of Aruze Corp. Okada would own 47.431 percent of Wynn Resorts’ common stock.

Aruze won a Japanese lower court judgment, but the Japanese tax authority has filed for an appeal in the case. The filing said Wynn has the option to acquire Aruze’s shares if Nevada regulators do not approve the Japanese company’s ownership in the company if it loses the appeal.

Dave Ehlers, a gaming analyst with Las Vegas Investment Advisers, said the higher price tag on Le Reve should not be a source of concern.

“Steve Wynn’s record speaks for itself,” Ehlers said. “He knows how to do it.”

Ehlers said when The Mirage was built, Wall Street pessimists said Wynn would not be able to generate the cash flow necessary to pay off debt, but that property became the most successful in the industry until Bellagio took its place.

“The record is relatively clear that betting against one of Steve Wynn’s super projects has not been financially rewarding and I would be the last one to suggest that he would not be able to do the same thing with Le Reve,” Ehlers said.

Wynn acquired the Desert Inn from Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. for $270 million in April 2000 with funds he received in the sale of Mirage Resorts Inc. to what is now MGM MIRAGE.

Wynn received more than $500 million, pre-tax, from MGM Grand Inc.’s acquisition of Mirage Resorts Inc., which owned Bellagio, The Mirage and Treasure Island on the Strip, the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, the Atlantic City Golden Nugget and the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Miss.




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Shooting the Moon for Situs Judi Slot

“Shooting the Moon” is a term used to describe the act of collecting all the hearts plus the Queen of Spades in the game of Hearts – where you would normally want to toss those cards to your opponents, if you can collect them all, your opponents are all penalized the maximum number of points (26) – but if you miss even one, you take a huge hit yourself.

In casino gambling, similar actions occur only at games like video poker, where one might toss away a high pair in order to try and hit a royal flush – but for me, it means tossing away small profits in order to realize larger gains – craps players press their bets in hopes of a hot roll, slot players return small wins hoping to hit a jackpot… you get the picture.

What I call shooting the moon is commonly known as a bet progression – using a portion of a winning bet to raise the next bet. These progressions are commonly used in blackjack, roulette or craps where wins are usually paid even money.

Now I know that there are many bet progression methods around,and the one I am about to describe to you may resemble one of these, but I developed it for my own use and have seen others use similar methods.

Starting with an initial bet of $2, I raise my bets following each successive in,and drop back to $2 after a loss – hoping to catch a long winning streak. The “moon” is the top of the series, whether you either maintain the highest bet in the series after a win, or you drop back to $2 and collect a sizeable win.

The progression series I use is 2,3,5,7,10,15,20,30 etc… where following bets are equal to 1.5 times the size of the last bet. My “moon” is usual set at 20 units, after which I can decide to continue betting 20 units at a time until a loss, or collecting the 20 units and starting over at 2.

Of course, you can always vary the value of your unit – some people may prefer $1 – I use $5, so my moon is worth $100. And you can also start anywhere in the series I showed above – for me, I generally eliminate the 2 unit bet and start with a minimum of three, which lessens the number of wins required to reach the moon but increases the risk to one’s pocketbook 🙂

So let’s say that you achieved the required 7 wins to reach a 20 unit bet. The following table shows what your net profit at each step is.

As you can see here, a good run of cards, dice or colors on the roulette table can make you a tidy sum of money. Had you been flat-betting 2 units during this progression, you would have ended up with a 14 unit profit instead of 57 units.

On the other hand, if you were to win one, then lose one, you would be even when flat-betting, but down half a unit using the progression.

When playing blackjack, and getting a blackjack, you will obviously have an extra half-unit to deal with. You can either pocket the extra half-unit as a bonus, or use that amount to move one step up the progression but you’ll have to add a little money of your own.

The conservative method of pocketing the bonus half-unit is recommended – but I’m an impatient type and so I typically move up the progression instead.

The only pitfall with using this sort of a progression is that it takes two successive wins Togel Singapore for you to break even, whereas with flat-betting you would be ahead 4 units. With a third successive win, using the progression you would be ahead 3 units, and 6 flat-betting. 4 wins with the progression would net 7 units, and flat-betting 8 units. Any streak longer than 4 wins will put you ahead of the game.

It’s a heck of a lot more exciting – and in theory you are taking the same amount of risk as when you are flat-betting – the major difference is that your profit/loss will be like a roller-coaster ride. But it definitely takes the tedium out of playing blackjack!

Spearmaster operates Got2Bet, one of the most respected gaming information sites on the Net. Visit Got2Bet…

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Columnist Jeff Haney: Living la vida ‘pura’

Alan Boston hopes to win one for the ‘old school’

Jeff Haney’s sports betting column appears Wednesday. Reach him at (702) 259-4041 or

High-stakes sports betting is alive and well in Las Vegas, professional gambler Alan Boston says.

It’s just that the rest of the city makes him sick.

“Unfortunately, when the evil vermin scum casino corporations have so much power, nothing good can happen as a result,” Boston said. “You get roads that take forever to be built, air quality that is way below standard, and nothing’s being done about it. …

“There’s absolutely nothing good here — except you can bet. So here I am.”

Boston lives in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, seven months each year and spends the remaining five months in Las Vegas. He has been visiting the city since 1982, he moved here as a part-time resident in 1987, and he has been operating as a high-level pro sports bettor since 1994 or 1995, focusing on college basketball.

On Friday night, Boston will meet Nick Bogdanovich, the sports book manager at the Golden Nugget, in the championship round of the Leroy’s Handicapping Challenge, a college basketball betting contest in its initial year.

Each contestant makes five selections against the point spread from Saturday’s card, with the winner earning $5,000 cash and $5,000 for charity.

The action begins at 10 p.m. Friday in the Riviera sports book. The program also airs live on 920-AM.

In Boston, bettors and fans can get a look at the man reputed to be the best college basketball handicapper in the game, as well as perhaps the most acerbic critic of modern-day Las Vegas.

“With the government that’s in power … you see BLM land greedily traded for, houses built out into the mountains, the wilderness, even though (desert wildlife) was there first,” said Boston, who pulls his punches about as often as Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward. “You get ridiculous traffic jams … and all kinds of problems, but none of the culture that other big cities have, such as jazz, or museums.

“As far as any kind of a sense of good energy, there is none. When it was an old-fashioned hick town, it was much more pleasant.”

Boston’s feelings about corporate situs poker pkv games Las Vegas can be summed up in his reaction to the Super Bowl commercial that showed Steve Wynn standing atop his new building on the Strip.

“I was rooting for him to fall off,” Boston said.

Boston said he admired old-time gambling figures such as former Dunes owner Sid Wyman, who was known to give down-and-out bettors $100 to take a shot against the house.

That would never happen today, Boston said.

“They’d say, ‘get out of here, you (expletive) broke,’ ” Boston said.

“I’m very old school. … Everything I say is from the heart. I believe what’s old is pure, what’s pure is right, and I think most change is bad.”

Besides his beloved Hugo’s Cellar and Andre’s downtown, a couple of things keep Boston coming back to Las Vegas despite his stated distaste for the place. Sports betting is legal, for one. No worries about the “gray area” that hovers over the major bookmaking operations in the Caribbean and Central America.

And some Las Vegas casino properties still accept big action, said Boston, who routinely bets $10,000 or more per game.

“Plus it’s so hateful here that I do nothing but work for five months,” Boston said. “It keeps me focused.”

Boston, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, had his road-to-Damascus moment as a young man attending games at the Palestra on the Penn campus in Philadelphia. A devoted fan of the game first, Boston soon became immersed in the gambling culture surrounding the sport.

“I knew all the point spreads, and (the gambling) just got into me,” Boston said. “The things that happen in ballgames just became second nature to me.”

Boston achieved a level of fame with his portrayal in Chad Millman’s 2001 book, “The Odds,” and a feature that aired last year on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Boston entered each project with reservations. He decided to work with Millman only after reading his highly regarded “Pickup Artists,” about playground basketball in America, and was satisfied with the result.

He regrets the ESPN venture, though. Boston said he thought the program unfairly showed him at his worst, such as when he threw a pen across the room after a tough loss.


“ESPN (ticked) me off,” he said. “I talked to them from the heart. I gave them a lot of great stuff, and they showed me acting like a puerile idiot.”


Boston was hoping the ESPN exposure would lead to a position as an analyst, dissecting college basketball games with a gambler’s eye, a la Hank Goldberg or Pete Axthelm.


It could have been a good fit, as the sports networks realize college basketball telecasts draw gamblers, even if they don’t promote the link explicitly.


“People aren’t watching Long Beach State-Cal State Fullerton at midnight because they’re alumni,” Boston said.


When an invitation to the Leroy’s contest came along, Boston was hesitant again. Ultimately he was swayed by the chance to work with Jimmy Vaccaro of Leroy’s, another magna cum laude graduate of the “old school.” He also hopes to generate donations to the organization Great Dane Rescue.


“This is an old-school, old-Vegas-style show,” Boston said. “It’s very pure. That’s probably why I’m proud to be a part of it.”


After this year’s Final Four, Boston plans to assess his future. He’ll put in one or two more seasons of heavy-duty betting, perhaps, then consider pursuing a new career as — believe it or not — a high school English teacher.


Although he’s at the top of his game as a gambler, Boston has complicated feelings about his chosen profession.


“I’m not really proud of what I do,” Boston said. “I regret that I kind of gave up my whole youth and young adulthood because I got into the gambling scene. I mean, I’m 46 years old, I’m not gay, and I’ve never been married. I see a shrink on a regular basis.


“I always craved independence, but now maybe I’m craving some normalcy in my life. Maybe settling down might not be a bad thing right now. …


“That’s why when I talk about teaching high school English, it would be to give something back, to do something much more important than what I’m doing. And that’s where I’m at.”…

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Kepa’s Last Qiu Qiu Terbaik Stand

It was the most unexpected spectacle.


An otherwise lethargic League Cup Final sprung unexpectedly into life when Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to leave the field while being substituted at the end of extra-time.

Nobody watching could recall from their years of watching the game, a player refuse outright to go off when substituted. Kepa’s refusal to leave the field will go down in football history.


As penalty specialist Willy Caballero waited patiently on the touchline to replace the Spaniard and take on his former Manchester City teammates from 12 yards, Kepa gestured angrily towards the bench, shouting “No!” repeatedly at his manager Maurizio Sarri and assistant Gianfranco Zola.


As Kepa kept his ground and refused point-blank to budge, an exasperated Sarri almost walked out of Wembley, sensationally.


Kepa then saved one City spot-kick but Qiu Qiu Terbaik teammates Jorginho and David Luiz missed theirs, handing the Cup to Pep Guardiola’s side, an almost forgotten footnote in the aftermath.


So in failing to make way for Caballero, Kepa had made a rod for his own back should Chelsea have gone on to lose the shootout. In disobeying orders, he only piled more pressure onto his already beleaguered manager, whose authority was already in ubiquitous question.


Only recently Sarri had lamented his players were proving difficult to motivate and today they failed him by not rushing to urge Kepa to leave the field and back their boss in the process.


Luiz was the only colleague who spoke to his goalkeeper during his two minutes of madness; skipper Cesar Azpilicueta was nowhere to be seen.


Any manager will tell you that the loneliest and lowest feeling is when they feel they have lost the dressing room.


The referee spoke to both parties but could do little as the rules dictate a player can refuse to come off.


Post match Kepa and Sarri insisted it was all a misunderstanding of a couple of incidents of cramp in the lead-up to the substitution, but caught on camera with millions watching, the footballer’s defiance of his manager, whatever was the motive behind the change, was plain to see.


It cannot be right when hierarchical control disintegrates unless that rule is particularly unfair and counterproductive, but Sarri was perfectly within his rights to substitute Kepa.


Moreover, English football uses the word manager for what most languages call a coach or trainer for a reason and so when that authority is undermined, a team cannot be directed anymore.


Since no organisation can function without a chain of command and universal acceptance of the rules. Kepa’s blatant disobeying of his boss must not go unpunished.


The 24 year-old’s future at Stamford Bridge looks in question all of a sudden, but Sarri will probably walk the plank first.


Despite grabbing a sack of trophies in the last decade including the Champions League and Europa League, Chelsea are a ship adrift in early 2019.


The Blues seem unable to keep a manager respected for more than a season, have seen an ambitious stadium redevelopment stalled and are set to lose their best player Eden Hazard to Real Madrid in the summer.


Days before the final, FIFA announced a two-window transfer ban to make matters worse as punishment for signing underage players.


Their current manager is stuck in a rut and gloom is enveloping his reign in only its first season but the club has ridden a merry-go-round of coaches in recent seasons.


Perhaps worst of all is their current form – four defeats in seven games has unsurprisingly seen the side slip down to sixth spot and in real danger of missing out on the Champions League next season.


For a club which a decade ago looked like dominating European club competition for some time, this is suddenly becoming a dark chapter in Chelsea’s history.


Player power saw Sarri’s predecessors Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte leave their jobs prematurely and it looks like claiming a third victim.


If Chelsea are looking for a cure for their latest malaise, they could start by stopping the children from running the school.



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ITV in need of learning Qq Poker from the BBC



Although the Carling Cup isn’t the most prestigious of competitions, with the football odds suggesting that a Premier League side is bound to lift the trophy. But when a side from outside the top flight defeats one of the best teams in the country you expect it to receive some extra media coverage.


So tuning in to watch ITV’s highlights of the Qq Poker Carling Cup late last night I expected the first game to be Burnley’s shock victory over Chelsea. Instead 40 minutes of the hour long programme were given to Tottenham’s 4-2 victory over Liverpool.


Now while that was an entertaining game, any game with six goals in normally is, I was a little surprised to see that game on first. I got to the point of being very annoyed when after 40 minutes, which included two advert breaks, the match at Stamford Bridge was given a maximum of five minutes, including no replies of the two goals.


Now I can understand that the football odds made the Spurs against Liverpool match the more attractive tie but surely the bigger story was Burnley’s penalty victory. Television coverage is always looking for the most dramatic match with lots of incident.


Two goals, a red card and a hatful of chances followed by the most dramatic way to settle a football match, penalties, was apparently not enough. ITV gambled on Spurs v Liverpool and in a way lost.


Sat watching the show with another friend, both of us neutral’s when it came to the games at Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane, came up with the same point that the BBC wouldn’t have gambled on just one game.


Match of the Day is consistently the best highlight show on television, with every game covered by an equal number of camera’s and with a commentator present. This works because they can give the most in-depth coverage to whatever game was the most dramatic that day.


ITV were extremely lazy last night with their failure to properly cover two out of the three matches. They seemed to have just one camera at Stamford Bridge and as such couldn’t provide the kind of coverage many of us have become us to when watching football. As I said no replays of the goals were given along with no interviews with the managers after the game, no interviews with the Burnley fans and no in-depth analysis of the match itself with the focus on Didier Drogba’s coin throwing incident instead.


All I and anyone can hope for is that ITV learn from their mistakes and take into consideration that there are other games taking place which people are just as interested in as any other match. I also hope that they never recover the right to show Premier League highlights and ruin my football viewing every week rather than the once a month they are doing now.…

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Online Casinos are Safe, Reliable and Honest Situs Slot



Over the past few years, there have been many debates about whether online casinos are safe and secure. Most online casinos are honest and safe, however, and provide the highest levels of security and comfort for their customers.


(PRWEB) April 1, 2005 — Over the past few years, there have been many concerns about the viability of the ethics of the online casinos, since they exist in a wide number of countries and territories, and not all of those countries are subject to international law. Of course, there are many organizations that seek to regulate the online casinos and to see to it that they do as they advertise and act in an honest and responsible manner.


The problem with many of these situs slot organizations are that membership in them is voluntary. Most of the online casinos are not members, since they do not feel the need to. The online casinos that are members do not fail to advertise that they are indeed members. However, most of the players fail to see the relevance of membership in the organizations since they do not know what membership in those organizations means.


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European Club Cups – Pkv Poker Fun Facts



1-0 in the semis, a sure formula for winning the trophy!

Barcelona – Arsenal finale je koje je priželjkivala većina Pkv Poker neutralnih ljubitelja nogometa, to jest onih koji nisu navijači Milana i Villarreala kao direktno zainteresiranih suparnika u polufinalu, te Real Madrida i Espanyola kao tradicionalnih “mrzitelja” Barce odnosno Chelseaja i Tottenhama, kao povijesnih suparnika Arsenala.


Iako smo i mi u Nogometu navijali za ovakav finalni sraz, način na koji su Barca i Arsenal dospjeli do završnice u Parizu nije nas zadovoljio. Villarreal, klub koji nikad u povijesti nije ništa osvojio, tek se nedavno probivši u španjolsku i kontinentalnu elitu, više je zavrijedio prolaz u finale od Arsenala! Dok je artiljerija “Topnika” šutjela, “Žuta podmornica” ispalila je salve torpeda prema meti, vratima Jensa Lehmanna, a sportska je nepravda što u Nijemčevu mrežu nije ušao nijedan projektil.


U žalovanju za Villarrealom, čiji smo poraz istinski željeli prije no što su susreti odigrani, tješi nas jedino činjenica da jedanaesterac nad Jose Marijem nikako nije postojao, pa je promašaj Riquelmea s bijele točke neutralizirao sudačku pogrešku. S druge strane, nismo sigurni da je

na Highburyju postojao jedanaesterac za Španjolce, koji sudac nije dosudio, a zbog čega je Villarreal prosvjedovao.


Milan je u Barceloni teško oštećen odlukom Marcusa Merka da poništi potpuno regularan pogodak Andrija Ševčenka, koji bi Talijane vjerojatno bio odveo u produžetak. Kad se sve zbroji, Milan i Barca pružili su u 180 minuta jednako kvalitetnu igru te bi najpravednije bilo da je dvoboj odlučen jedanaestercima.


That’s the breaks


Forest lost 3-2 at the weekend, during a trip to struggling Hartlepool and most of the other results went against us. All good things come to an end, as they say, but hats off to our dynamic duo for the ridiculous recent run of form. Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, Barlow and McParland should be given the key to the city.


I’m confident the Reds can bounce back from this minor set back, and concentrate on our own results – we were never going to remain unbeaten for the duration of the season. With two games left the situation as it stands now looks as though there are three teams, Barnsley, Swansea and Forest, vying for the last two playoff spots. But being only three points off the pace, Bristol City and Oldham fans may disagree. In other word, surprise, surprise, it’s tight.


The weekend ‘s running theme was high-flyers vs the do or die-ers, seeing three of teams in playoff positions visting three of the bottom four. It was business as usual when Swindon hosted, and lost, to Brentford 1-3. Huddersfield won by the same margin at the Bescot. Walsall losing the match, their League 1 status and, on Monday, their manager. Forest, as we know, were beaten.


By all accounts it was a deserved win for Hartlepool, who played a typical fighting-for-survival game, having scored three goals you can’t take anything away from them. Nathan Tyson squandered a one-on-one chance with the Hartlepool keeper in the dying minutes which could have levelled the tie. What was I saying about the panicky playoff zone?


Two games left. Home to Bournemouth and away to Bradford, two teams who’s seasons are over. Swansea entertain first place Southend this weekend. One more win virtually secures the leader’s place in the Championship. Hopefully they will reverse their recent run of form, taking only one point from three, to overcome the Swans at the Liberty and do us Foresters a favour. Barnsley should beat Bradford, and Bristol are taking on dire Swindon, I can only assume the worst from those fixtures. All prayers lie in Essex. And Nottingham…





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