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Bounced 12th… D’oh! No Bellagio for Pauly

“Nobody ever talks about the guy who took his shot and missed…” – Mike McD, Rounders

I was so close… 8g88 Satellite… bounced 12th out of 312. I had a chance at winning a seat at the WPT Championships at teh Bellagio. Top 3 places would have gotten seats (worth $27,000). Places 4-5-6 got cash. Ah and I blew it. 7-7 vs A-3o. The nimrod caught a 3 on a flop and an A on the turn. Oh well. The coolest part was knowing that I had so many of my fellow poker bloggers, friends, and fans watching… and rooting me on. To all of you about twenty or so… maybe more? Thanks… I might have lost at poker, but knowing that I have an amazing and loyal support system, is a blessing. In life, that makes me a winner. Thanks again. I could never had gotten that far without everyone cheering me on and hangin on every friggin’ card! More to come.Another Late Monday Night at Ferrari’s

Monday nights at Signor Ferrari’s is some of the best fun I have had playing poker. A few regulars were absent due to the High holidays, so we had several new players join the game which added a different flavor to the already usual mix of gamblers. Overall it was another epic game that lasted until the wee hours in the latest game I ever played at Ferrari’s. It was also cool that he had the NCAA Final game in HD TV on in the background.

Among the newbies (first time playing at Ferrari’s… I should clarify) was fellow writer and Lower East Side slam poet Diane. I stumbled upon her site during a backtrack of Tao of Poker links on Technocrati. Diane linked up the Tao of Poker on her site AlterMe a while back. Alas, the other day I left a comment. We chatted for a bit on Sunday and she told me that she was looking for a game in the city. Signor Ferrari invited her… and she was excited to play. I knew how she felt because I had been looking for a (competent) home game for over a year, and luckily Ugarte found my site and the rest is history. Mike and James were more experienced players and Austin, an undergrad at Columbia, was our youngest player.

I sat in between Marie and Diane. I was close to Diane so I could help out with some of the nuances of the home game. Marie, originally from London, was happy to have been “blogged” for the first time after she read about both Ugarte’s and my own version of the last home game. By the way, in case you were wondering… she did not utter the “dreaded C Bomb” at all… she did however use the British term “Bugger” on more than one occasion.

Out of respect to Marie and Diane, the first few games called were rounds of hold’em, but gradually we played some Omaha High, Stud, and Follow the Queen. I can’t recall winning any memorable pots early (I have nothing in my notes). One of the first big pots of the night went to Diane. She was down a lot early and stormed back with a huge pot during Follow the Queen. Her Kings over 2s fullhouse was the big winner in a multi-way pot. She was raising heavily on sixth and seventh street and I was hoping she had the better hand because if she didn’t… she was going to be busted and it was still very early. Yep, so she won and walked away up $40 about a half hour later. Diane had to leave early, which was good because in her first game she walked away a winner… always good for the ego.