Thank you for smoking, Big Tobacco is glad to have Zyn pouches



Today in Greece, which has the heaviest rate of smoking in the European Union, 55 people will die from smoking. Another 55 will die tomorrow, and, in the next year, smoking will kill 20,000, not including others forced to inhale cancer-causing discharges in taverns and bars, and in public buildings and work offices where it is allegedly forbidden, just like at the European Commission, which wants to ban smoking in public places except for its own buildings.


Today in Europe, 1,726 people will die from smoking, and nearly 630,000 in the next year. In the United States, 1,205 people will die today, and 440,000 in the next year. Worldwide, it is more than five million people annually, a holocaust every year.

Who cares? Because while the US has for years had regulations designed to curtail smoking, and the European Commission and its health ministers want to limit smoking, in neither place is there a call for the only solution – banning cigarettes and tobacco products.

Why? Do the math. According to the BBC, the US tobacco industry is worth more than USD 45 billion annually, much of it going to the federal and state governments in taxes, funding critical programs – including the cost of caring for smokers as they linger in hospitals and hospices to die.


The US tobacco industry provides 50,000 manufacturing jobs and 136,000 farming jobs directly, and generates another 400,000 jobs indirectly, while the US Treasury is estimated to have taken in USD 118 billion in tobacco taxes in the past 10 years, the BBC said, and makes seven times more money from the sale of a pack of cigarette than does the manufacturer.


In Hungary, where, like other Central European countries, smoking is popular and glamourised, nearly 1.19 billion Euro a year is spent on cigarettes. In many countries in Europe, up to 80 percent of the price of a pack of cigarettes goes to the taxman, and the United Kingdom’s tobacco industry generated more than 14.8 billion Euro annually – 10 years ago.


And, as smokers in the US and western Europe increasingly kick the habit, Big Tobacco, running out of another generation of smokers it has killed off – mostly the poor and uneducated – has turned toward developing nations for the next victims. Within 20 years, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 85 percent of the smokers will come from the world’s poorer countries.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of time to kill off Americans and Europeans, especially young women who are picking up more cigarettes all the time. If tobacco and nicotine were food additives killing five million people a year, there would be riots demanding a ban. But tobacco is government-sponsored, subsidised, legalised drug dealing, so there will be no prohibition.

The WHO, just ahead of “World No Tobacco Day,” which is a fantasy right up there with “World Peace Day,” blasted the tobacco industry for “spreading untruths,” (that means lies) about smoking in public places in an attempt to slow down calls for no-smoking regulations. That’s the same industry that said smoking doesn’t cause cancer.


French singer-songwriter Renaud, who had been hooked on cigarettes, received a WHO award for his zealous crusade against tobacco, declaring, “It’s a criminal industry.” Yes, and lucrative too.

A European Parliament report last year found smoke from cigarettes contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including hazardous wastes, 50 cancer-causing chemicals and more than 100 chemical poisons. But if the US and EU could derive more revenues from it they’d recommend people spread it on their cereal for breakfast.


There may be some hope that people and anti-tobacco groups will succeed in doing what government won’t. Cigarette and Zyn pouchesuse is dropping in the US and three years ago Ireland introduced a ban on smoking in public places, followed by Norway, Italy, Malta, Sweden, Scotland, Latvia and Lithuania. Smoking among German schoolchildren has fallen to its lowest level in nearly 30 years.

But the United States and the European Union remain the fourth and fifth largest tobacco producers in the world and the crop brings in more revenue for farmers and governments than any other, and that is more important than all the deaths and all the hospital costs and all the victims.

As Shigeru Omi of the WHO’s Pacific office put it: “We all know that smoking kills.” And that will be the epitaph of the governments who let it happen.


WHO warns the hookah may pose same risk as cigarettes


Water-pipe smoking may pose the same health risks as cigarettes, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, adding that more scientific research was needed into the link between hookah use and a number of fatal illnesses.

“Using a water pipe to smoke tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking,” the U.N. health agency said in a seven-page document on the practice. “Contrary to ancient lore and popular belief, the smoke that emerges from a water pipe contains numerous toxicants known to cause lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases.”


The WHO “advisory note” warned that using water pipes to consume shisha _ a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit flavors _ usually exposes a person to more smoke over a longer period of time than do cigarettes. Preliminary research indicates that hookah smoking poses many of the same dangers as cigarettes and may involve “some unique health risks,” the agency said.


A hookah is a bowl connected to a vase of water with a long tube and mouthpiece. The tobacco sits inside the bowl with a layer of foil and a hot coal on top. The shisha is never lit, instead heated by the charcoal, which smokers say produces a vapor different from smoke.


The hookah, used for centuries in North Africa, the Middle East and Central and South Asia, has become increasingly popular in the United States, Europe and Brazil, particularly among college students and young adults.


WHO says the trend is partly due to “unfounded assumptions” of its safety, and misleading commercial marketing.


The agency said a person can inhale more than 100 times more smoke in a hookah session than in a single cigarette. By delivering nicotine, the water pipe can cause addiction.


“None of the accessories have been demonstrated to reduce smokers’ exposure to toxins or risk of tobacco-related disease and death,” WHO said.


While further research is required, the health body said those exposed to secondhand hookah smoke appeared to be at risk of the same diseases as those exposed to cigarettes. WHO warned that hookah smoke could also increase the risk of adverse effects during pregnancy.



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Nine Myths Around 2022 Lang Calendars


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What are hot slots and cold slots?

Casinos are extremely unforeseen areas. You never realize what your fortune would likely do to you for a casino online. While you are usually playing the slot machine, there can be occasions which you win or reduce it is assumed that it is definitely based on the good fortune from the player, but often the people who visit internet casinos regularly say in any other case. They will claim that in the casino, there is the technique to everything, even the slot machine game. The individuals who are masters associated with gaming can determine in the event the slot machine would generate good profits or definitely not.

The principle is the fact not any machine would often be containing rewards more than what exactly is put into the piece of equipment and also that will no more machine would stay inactive and always underplay.

Precisely what are hot and cold spots?

The professionals use typically the term hot slots in addition to cold video Sbobet machines to establish and determine the slot machine which would agreed payment more income than actually invested. The terms warm and cold can always be defined as:

Sizzling Slot machine games: The sizzling slots happen to be considered to be often the slots that are fitted with a larger occurrence of hitting. This is anticipated that these popular slots would fetch the participant more rewards when compared to how what is usually invested.

Cool Slots: Chilly slots are usually considered to be lazy machines. It is claimed that the devices which in turn are showing less frequency of winning and would never reward the gamer exceeding what is invested.

Exactly why are the particular slots thus?

The slot machines are a new way to attract game enthusiasts and to compel them to test their fortune and require a risk. Video Sbobet machines are a way for any player to invest a good small amount together with generate something exciting. Since every little thing happens in front of the player’s eyes, the slots are more enjoyable.

How slot equipment is designed hot or chilly?

The thought of hot and freezing slot machines is a derivation through the experience of the particular player. Some sort of regular participant could be able to be able to identify the counts, the particular number of spins, the time for processing, plus the machine’s behavior and may possibly manage to predict if typically the machine would likely pay away a good amount or maybe not. However, the re-writes of the slot machine game happen to be very random. There could be instances that the slots produce a similar effect over the amount of moments and that may seem as a pattern, but this truth is the fact that position machines are not in all created with the intent of having popular or cold cycles.…

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Have some good times playing smaller than expected games online at Joker123

Since the time the innovation of the web, numerous things have gotten substantially more available to individuals. Not just it encourages us in finishing our day by day tasks however it likewise helps in disposing of our worry by effectively investing our energy perusing. Individuals around the world have a few different ways to keep themselves involved during their available time. Nonetheless, one of the most notable strategies favored by youths is by playing web based games particularly poker. Online poker is one of the most famous games played by a large number of players around the world. JOKER123 is a standout amongst other online poker locales where you can play poker effortlessly and comfort. Additionally in the event that you are searching for a one of a kind assortment of smaller than normal games that are fun and charming then Joker123 is the correct alternative for you.

Online poker gaming

Gaming has been well known for a long time now, and on account of its prominence, there started the presentation of the different web based games for all age gatherings. There are various sorts of web based games, for example, pretending games, procedure, and so forth. Among these web based games, one of the most famous games is the poker games in the joker123 online site. They have an assortment of games that you can browse and play. At times, you can frame groups on the web or even play these games exclusively.

A wide scope of assortment to play from

Out of numerous online entryways, the joker123 webpage is one of only a handful not many that has little games, which are amusing to play. They have a couple of games which are mainstream among the numerous players who sign in to this site. For instance gambling machine games on the web, the shooting fish tracker game and the club computer games. Aside from these, they have various variations of these sorts of games that you can look over and play.

Why pick the Joker123 poker site?

You may have this inquiry at the top of the priority list with respect to why you have to pick a specific site to play the poker games. It is very simple to utilize this site, you should simply enroll to make a record and decide to play any game that you know about. They have tie-ups with confided in banks, so when you register into this site, drawing and saving cash is very simple, safe and you will have no issues. They likewise have client support to whom you can allude if there should be an occurrence of any issues with the site or the game. They are accessible all hours daily. These are the couple of reasons why picking this site is the best alternative.…

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