Fixed Limit Hold`em Strategy-Handling Flush Draws at
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Fixed Limit Hold`em Strategy-Handling Flush Draws at



Many people enjoy playing suited cards in Texas Holdem. This is because suited cards provide the best chance to make a flush. If the board does not contain a pair, a flush is the best possible poker hand you can make. This means if you hit your flush, you are likely to win the hand, and if you hit the nut (best possible) flush you are guaranteed to win on an unpaired board. How can you play these suited cards for maximum value? These are tips you can use in online poker games as well as when you’re playing live.


You usually will not flop your complete flush. For this to happen all the flop cards would have to be of the same suit. In fact, it is probably better for you if you don’t flop the complete flush. For one, you are unlikely to get a lot of action, as players without one of the suit on the board are unlikely to put any money in the pot, and two, if your flush is not the highest, there is a good chance that a player with the Ace or King of that suit will hang around and beat you when another card of the same suit comes.


Your best situation will be when two cards of your suit come. If you have a hand like Ace suited or King suited, you are in fantastic shape. Although flush draws play better multi-way, you can even afford to bet or raise with a hand like this, because even if your flush doesn’t come, you may still win if you pair your big card. However with a roughly four-to-one shot on both the turn and the river to hit your flush, it will come often enough that whatever bets you put in when you miss will be easily made up when you hit. With a smaller flush draw, it’s usually better to check and call and try to hit your flush as cheaply as possible. visitez le site


If you make a small flush, you should probably bet it. Even though you are likely to win the hand, this likelihood will decrease considerably if another card of the same suit comes. If you bet your small flush and are raised, you probably should just flat call. With a small flush you don’t want to lose a lot of bets to someone who has made a bigger flush.


Before the flop, you should only play suited cards if you can see the flop relatively cheaply and if you are in a later position. The exceptions are when your suited cards are also high cards, and in some cases when they are connectors, meaning they are consecutive, and have straight potential to go with their flush potential.


Even though it is terrific to hit a flush, you should not be in the habit of playing any two suited cards. Especially when you’re playing at an online poker site ( you will see a lot of people making this kind of mistake. You are dealt suited cards much more often than you will actually make a flush with them, and if you play too many low suited cards, the amount you lose when you make a flush and someone makes a higher one will really start to add up. If you play your suited cards selectively and judiciously however, you can make a great deal of money when these cards match the flop.