Healthy eating
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Healthy eating

Our customers and colleagues trust us to keep them informed about the contents of our products.

That’s why we clearly label all of our products on the front of pack, and have spent millions removing the artificial ingredients from our entire range of food.

  • Clearer labelling
  • No Artificial Colours and Flavours
  • Lowering sal

Organics in action
See how ASDA is working to offer a healthy, affordable, organics ready meal range for children.

Clearer labelling
At ASDA we know how confusing it can be to make sense of all the different labels used on food packaging, when trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why, in 2007, we were the first supermarket to launch a dual labelling system which combines the benefits of ‘traffic lights’ with guideline daily amounts (GDAs).

Welcomed by the Government and the Food Standard Agency’s alike, the system is designed to be read and understood in less than two seconds, making it easier for our customers to choose healthier foods at a glance.

Using the distinct traffic light colours to highlight low, medium and high levels of sugar, fat, salt, saturated fats and calories in each product; our product labels also give the precise amount of each nutrient in grams per serving and the percentage of the GDA this represents.

Developed through extensive consumer research, our system provides customers with the most detailed, easy-to-understand information available in the retail market today.

The traffic light labelling system
In 2007, ASDA was the first supermarket to launch a dual labelling system which combines the benefits of ‘traffic lights‘ with guideline daily amounts (GDAs).

No Artificial Colours and Flavours
At the beginning of 2008 we became the first retailer to remove all artificial colours and sweeteners, flavour enhancers and hydrogenated vegetable oil from our 12,000 strong range of own brand products.

Over the course of 2007, we invested more than £30 million in re-formulating products and ensuring that they still tasted great.

Artificial colours and sweetners have been removed and in some cases replaced with natural colours, such as fruit and vegetable extracts, or with sucralose, a sweetener made from sugar.

Flavour enhancers have, where necessary, been replaced with flavours from natural sources. For example, vanilla, which is sourced naturally, will replace the artificially produced Vanillin which is commonly used in chocolate products.

We have also removed all hydrogenated fat from our own label products.

ASDA has invested over £30 million in ensuring products still have the same great taste.

Lowering salt
In early 2006, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) published voluntary salt reduction targets across 85 food categories, setting a deadline of 2010. By the end of 2006, we had already met the FSA target for salt reduction across more than 65 per cent of our own brand products.

In 2008, we became the first retailer to hit the FSA’s targets ahead of the 2010 deadline, by removing a total of 396 tonnes of salt from our own brand products — and we have committed to extending this to 100% of our range.

ASDA met the FSA’s voluntary salt reduction targets ahead of the 2010 deadline