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What is Mobile Click-to-Call?


Have you ever noticed that when you do a search on your smartphone, the information appears differently than when you do a search on your desktop?  Often times, you will see a ‘tap-able’ phone number at the top of the search results under the business you are looking for:

This is called Mobile Click-to-Call (Mobile CTC).  Instead of paying Google – or another publisher or network – for a click, advertisers can pay for the calls these ads generate.  This is a pay-per-call model, as opposed to a pay-per-click model.  What happens is that Google will only charge you for the phone calls that generate.  Not only is this an entirely different monetization strategy for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but it is also a new way to think about every facet of marketing for advertisers.

“Click-to-call takes advantage of the small size of the smartphone screen and its unique ability to know where you are and which advertisers are nearby. And when it comes to winning in a new technology — which has made it both the leader of desktop and mobile search ads — Google has shined a light on a powerful strategic approach.” – Forbes.

Some Background Around Mobile Search:

Every marketer needs to understand that mobile is here and it is taking over the way we advertise in a BIG way.  Understanding the mobile search boom is fundamental to understanding Mobile CTC.  By 2014, Mobile Internet will surpass desktop Internet usage, and at roughly the same time, mobile search will surpass desktop search – this is huge!  Let’s put it this way:  In about one year, your company’s website will be viewed more frequently on mobile devices that on desktops.

Why Use Mobile Click-to-Call?

The purpose of any ad is to encourage the visitor to contact you.    Google says that mobile phone users are 6-8% more likely to click on an ad that contains a phone number.  Mobile click-to-call increases conversion rates, plain and simple.  73% of mobile searches result in a phone call (source:  Neilson).  Yes, you read that right.  One of the main purposes of real estate social media marketing is to produce more phone calls.  Mobile websites produce phone calls almost 1/3 of the time, mobile landing pages are producing phone calls at historic rates, and many other areas of mobile marketing such as mobile apps produce a high volume of phone calls.  A report by BIA/Kelsey stated that “Mobile marketing will generate a deluge of phone calls so substantial that phone calls to businesses will DOUBLE by the end of 2013″.  On smartphones, calls are king.

We know you want to stay ahead of your competitors.  Mobile has made it very easy for people to research products and connect with businesses while they are on the go.  Imagine using this Click-to-Call feature in your business; you will be substantially ahead of your competitors!

More phone calls = more business.  In short, CTC mobile marketing will generate more business for YOU.